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Helpful guides for beginner and advanced marijuana cultivators.

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Marijuana Growing Guide Links

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Welcome to the growing forums!! This is THE place to find informative, well-illustrated marijuana growing guides for cultivators of all levels of experience!!!

Please feel free to PM me if you guys wish to bring to my attention any errors or omissions in these guides. New guide ideas and contributions are also welcome. Things are still in the making so I will be adding to this section regularly. Thank you to all the people/ and or websites who unknowingly contributed to this forum. Hopefully all the appopriate credits have been given to the different authors where applicable...if not, again, please contact me and I will happily correct the situation.

General Indoor and Outdoor Growth

Marijuana Growing - The Decision
Cultivators Vocabulary
The Life Cycle of The Cannabis Plant
Indoor Growing Guide For Beginners
Indoor Security Tips for Marijuana Growers
Oudoor Security Tips for Marijuana Growers
Outdoor Grow Guide
A Gardener's Guide to Frost
Swamp Growing
Increasing Marijuana Yield

Growing Mediums

Common Types of Growing Mediums
Soil For Your Sensi
All About Soil
Using Rockwool
Clay Pellets


Cutting and Rooting Clones
Cloning Tutorial
Cloning Using Rockwool Cubes
Step-by-Step Aero Clone Machine
Step By Step Bubble Cloner
DIY Fog Cloner

Vegetative Growth & Flowering Cycle

Vegetative Growth & Flowering
Ultimate Plant Sexing Guide
Flower Biology
Transplanting Marijuana Plants
Re-Vegging Marijuana Plants After Harvest
Force Flowering Outdoor Marijuana Plants
Pruning Cannabis Plants
Root Pruning
Photoperiod and Flowering
Growing Auto-Flowering Plants

Training Techniques

An Overview of Cannabis Training Techniques
Topping Cannabis Plants
FIM Method
Low Stress Training (LST) Guide
LST Walkthrough
The Scrog Method
Sea of Green (SOG)
Monster Cropping
Vertical Grow Systems (V-Scrog)
Shelf Growing
Growing a Bonsai Mother Plant

Harvest, Drying and Curing

Harvest, Drying & Curing Techniques
How to Harvest Your Herb
Harvest & Trichomes
How To Dry Marijuana Properly
Manicuring Cannabis 101
Marijuana Trimming Machines
Cure Your Medicine
Water Curing Explained
How to Water Cure Marijuana
Storing Your Dried Buds
What You Should Know About Moldy Marijuana

Nutrients & Water

Nutrients For Marijuana Growth
Essential Elements of Marijuana Nutrition
The Art of Watering/Feeding Marijuana Plants
Pre-Harvest and Nutrient Flushing of Marijuana Plants
Marijuana Watering Tips
Foliar Feeding
Nutrient Schedules
PH Levels
PH And The Delicate Art of Balancing
Using pH and EC Meters
PPM, EC, TDS, DS and CF Explained
Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water
Transport and Logistics Inside the Cannabis Plant

Organic Growing

Organics For Beginners
Organic Fertilizers and Soil Ammendments
Organic Recipes
Super Soil Step-by-Step
Coco Coir Guide
The Scoop on Poop
Bat Guano
Worm Castings
Molasses - The Miracle Additive
Organic Hydroponics

Garden and Plant Troubleshooting

10 Biggest Mistakes Growers Make...
Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies
Nutrient Deficiences and Plant Abuse
Over Watering / Under Watering and Ph Problems
Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat and Prevent Root Rot
Pest Troubles
Natural Insecticides and Fungicides
Miscellaneous Sick Plant Troubles
Plant Diseases / Infections
Recognizing, Controlling, and Preventing Powdery Mildew
Detering Deer, Rodents and Other Critters
What is Stretch and How Can I Minimize It?

Grow Room Setup

Grow Room Setup For Beginners
Grow Room Electrical Safety
DIY Closet Grow Tent
250 Watt Stealth Cabinet
Super Budget Grow Box
DIY Stealth Grow Box
How to Build a PC Grow Box
How to Build a Refrigerator Grow Box
Super Stealthy Rubbermaid Tub Grow Box
DIY Lightproof Zipper Door


Grow Room Lighting Terms Defined
Ideal Lighting For Marijuana Growth
High Intensity Discharge Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting
Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL'S)
Growing Marijuana With Led Lights
Light Cycles - 24/0 vs 18/6
Marijuana Lighting Tips
Determining Optimum HID Light Height
Lighting Formulas
Light Movers
Reflective Materials For The Grow Room
Homemade CFL Reflector
Homemade HPS Reflector


Grow Room Ventilation
Temperature, Humidity and Plant Growth
Control Your Cannabis
Let Them Breathe!
Growroom Cooling
Easy Cool Tube Step-by-Step
CO2 Enrichment Guide

Odor Control

Grow Room Odor Control
Cheap and Easy Macro Carbon Filter
Building a Carbon Scrubber For Dummies
How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Carbon Filter
How to Build an Odorless Bud Drier


Hydroponics Explained
Basic Hydroponic Systems
Easy DWC Bucket System
Aeroponic Supersonic



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