More feral kids and chinese lasers...

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More feral kids and chinese lasers...

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The tarzan-esque arrival into the modern world of a Cambodian ‘half animal/half human’ female took the world news by storm last week. Described by police as ‘a feral beast with red like tiger’s eyes’, Rochom P’ngieng was apparently lost to unseen forces in the jungle many years ago when she was a 9 year old child. Strange as her story undoubtedly is, it is not the first incident involving long lost relatives suddenly re-appearing many years after their original disappearance…

In mid 2004 social workers in Siberia were both dumfounded and disturbed when they discovered the dangerously feral Andrei Tolstyk; a young man who walked on all fours and bit people. Abandoned as a baby, Andrei, the investigation team concluded; had been rescued by the family dog and raised secretively as a canine.

ImageRaised by dogs, Calderar.

After experiencing too much horror at the hands of his mother’s vicious partner, 4 year old Traian Calderar, ran away from his Romanian home in 1999. He was found living on the streets 3 years later; grotesquely underdeveloped with no vocal skills. The reason for his survival in the wild was put down to stray dogs who adopted the terrified runaway into their gang.

Deep in the cruelly inhospitable netherworld of the Ugandan forest, in 1989, an exploratory group of scientists bumped into a 6 year old boy who appeared to be an active part of a community of monkeys. Further research made by social workers brought to the surface memories of a violent father who had forced the infant, whose name turned out to be John Ssebunya, to flee his home (in 1987) and seek refuge in the undergrowth. The African Grey monkeys may well have seen baby John as a hairless version of their own species or perhaps they are indeed capable, like the canines (who would never mistake humans for members of their own species), of compassion.

Ramu the wolfboy.

Last but not least in this heart wrenching freak show I present Ramu. Snatched from his family garden, by wolves, at the age of 2, the Indian youngster re appeared in Lucknow, 5 years later in 1954. He lapped milk, chewed bones and had an affinity with wolves. Unfortunately due to the hardships suffered when living the lupine way, Ramu passed away in 1968.

For more of the same go here :>>>

The Chinese communist party has sparked global scorn and concern after launching a missile attack against one of it’s own satellites on 11th January. The target- which due to it’s age and uselessness had been deemed suitable for sacrifice- was successfully smashed into 10000 pieces or more by the Chinese KT-1 rocket.
Major governments of the West have joined forces in condemning the missile test which suggests the previously asserted Beijing stance of campaigning against the militarization of space is as solid as miso soup. (Beijing has repeatedly pressed the US to sign agreements outlawing arms in space, but the US has steadfastly declined). Most worried and unsurprisingly vocal in their indignation are the Americans. Why so?? Because the capacity to accurately target and destroy satellites offers all sorts of potential risks for the US defence forces fighting their imperialist NEO Con crusades all over the planet. For example: over 80% of all US military communication during the 2003 invasion of Iraq was completely reliant on satellites.

If the Chinese were to take out as few as 40-50 American satellites from the lower orbit zone the American military machine would be totally crippled within hours(most military satellites are in the lower orbit region, closer to the earth for optimum spying and relaying of communications). With no support from beyond the earth’s atmosphere, lacking the advantage of satellite images showing enemy movements and weaponry, US troops would be fucked.
But could this situation really happen??? Perhaps. We may, as some point this year, see two chances for this theory to be put to the test.
Firstly there is the issue of the Taiwan straits; which China wish to claim. To achieve their aims in that region, the Chinese government must deal not just with the Taiwanese but also their American guardians. By damaging any US satellites covering the area, China could effectively close Yankee eyes and ears in the region thus allowing the Taiwanese to be mercilessly crushed without hindrance.
Secondly, and this is a long shot which I hope to hell doesn’t happen. That isn’t to say I wish carnage and doom onto Taiwan, far from it. I just know that this second possible scenario would be more serious, were it to transpire, for the world as a whole. Iran is becomingly increasingly isolated by the US and its allies. The reasons for this are based around oil:>
Huge oil reserves and last year's decision to introduce the EURO into the Iranian/European oil industry has attracted the greedy eyes and soulless spirits of powerful men in Washington. The introduction of the EURO has especially alarmed and harmed the Captains of commerce who live and die by the once mighty greenback.

Ostensibly Washington plays the world policeman; increasing the perception of Tehran’s threat to Israel and with it their determination to defend their Zionists brothers whilst secretly coveting control of Iranian natural resources…The Israelis don’t want the oil, they just don’t like the idea of any hostile Arabs gaining possession of nuclear weapons, which they themselves have developed and possessed for many years.
I pity Tehran. Being the number one enemy of Tel Aviv and Washington, which makes them also a foe of London, is an untenable position unless the pariah state in question is armed with nukes.
The irony of the planned attacks on Iran lies in the fact that Bush would need to use small scale nuclear weapons in order to show the world, in his own very individual way, that Iranians aren’t allowed nuclear weapons. (Deep penetrating mini nukes would be needed to eradicate the alleged underground research facilities spread over the barren Iranian landscape).
Where was I????........Aha. The Chinese economy is growing at an astronomical rate. And so is that economy’s demand for energy. A sizeable portion of Chinese oil imports arrive from Iran. With Russia also heavily connected to Iran, not so much for energy trade, mainly for arms (i.e. 2006- Russia agree to $700m deal to construct defensive measures for Iranian military research facilities. and that is merely the tip of an iceberg...) and Russia also in league with the Chinese; a grim picture is beginning to take shape.

In short, if the US were to not only attack Iran but to make a grab for the oil; China could well be tempted to take out the Yankee military satellites and leave the American troops on Iranian land sitting ducks who would be slaughtered by the Mullahs and their fervent followers. And rightly so.

China are thought to also be capable of identifying (through illumination with a laser) and potentially blinding foreign owned satellites which pass over their land.

Despite the Brits, Aussies and Americans waving their respective school master canes, Russia seemed unruffled, declaring instead that the missile test was nothing to do with satellites….
Russian Defence minister, Sergei Ivanov croaked “I’m afraid that it didn’t have an anti-satellite basis. And, maybe it’s good that it didn’t.”
Worse still, when asked about the test, the Chinese Defence spokesman said
“We are not clear about the situation; there is no official statement at the present time”.

China join the Yanks and Ruskis in expanding their military options in space.

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Wow, thanks for the update...Can't believe I read that entire thing...At least its good to know we also have technology to destroy other satellites as well...

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Wow very cool. didnt read the entire part about the satellites. But the feral children part was really cool. Im in soc, so i think these children (although sad it may be) do a lot of good to help prove the nature vs. nurture debate.
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woah.. wierd. :?

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doomsday theories :shock:

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in his own individual way
Chilling, but oddly true.

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