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Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:11 am

From the consciousness of a young Aries
Whose current state of mind often varies
The fire in his heart burns bright
As he seeks his guiding light
Years have passed since he chose to embark
An amazing journey that all began with a spark
The years have been kind and at times somewhat cruel
He certainly knows what it means to play the fool
But through it all he has learned compassion
and how to remain humble
And that there will be many outstretched arms
waiting if he were to stumble
With each passing day he knows there is a new lesson to learn
And he patiently waits for new knowledge
as the waves of his mind slowly churn
At times his sea is calm, but often it is plagued by storms
Years on the water have taught him that there will never be a norm
That you take the good with the bad
And can only be grateful for everything he once had
To enjoy every second of peace while it lasts
But to never let his happiness easily slip from his grasp
That he must fight for what he believes in even if it leads to war
Although he may be left bruised, bloody, and sore
That he can walk away with dignity and his head held high
Knowing damn well that at least he tried
And trying is more than most can say they've ever done before
What is love? he's never been quite sure
But continues taking life day by day
Often he can be overheard whispering "Come what may"
So while the storm delivers its bounty
the young Aries will watch, wait, and listen
And smile as the rain drops glisten
Knowing that the storm can not last forever
That one day soon he will finish this difficult endeavor
And be able to return to his oasis in the valley
And patiently wait for his finale
Once he finds the happiness he seeks
Below the gorgeous mountain peaks
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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