Is weed giving me super duper health powers ?

Health issues related to Marijuana

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Herbal Assassin
Herbal Assassin
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Post by blackxs »

I generally just feel better in the days after i smoke, like more healthier. I smoke every day and in PE im better at sports than i ever imagined, and i do a ton of things where im like "holy shit, how did i just do that?" and am getting extremely good grades compared to prior years.

its definitely magic.

Sir Toke-a-lot
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Post by Weedguru_Fire_Inside »

that's fucked up.

i started smokin weed daily when i was 15 ish and as soon as i did, my grades started slipping. like proper slipping. before i started i was set for all A's and B's but when test time came i just scraped my 5 C's.

i cant say weed fucked my life up, i fucked my life up because of weed.
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The Duke of Dope
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Post by SToNeR ChRiS »

I used to get severe migraines relatively frequently...I'd say in a year maybe 10-20. I've smoked weed for years now but I never did it that often. But since I've started smoking close to every day (if not every day) I haven't had one single migraine... and it's been about two years now. There has to be some type of correlation there.
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Post by swanee89 »

^thats gotta feel good
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