DIY Hash Oil Extractor Tube

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DIY Hash Oil Extractor Tube

Post by Weedguru Higher » Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:21 pm

DIY Hash Oil Extractor Tube
Written by Shepj

Materials used:

2 - PVC hexagonal (1 3/4" diameter)
2 - 2" coupling (it's about 4" long)
1 - PVC piping approximately 4 1/2" (1 3/4" diameter - length is not important)
(home depot has all this shit by the could also use metal piping)


Use a hexagonal end cap because it is flat! It is much easier to drill holes (for the butane) with a flat surface than it is with a round one!


On one of the Hexagonal end caps, drill one hole (just big enough for the tip of your butane cannister to fit inside of it without being loose - you're going to want the butane to work comfortably)

On the other hexagonal end cap, drill as many holes as you'd like! I drilled like six holes, size isn't crucial, but you don't want them too big as to lose product.

Now, you have those 2 couplers? Put one hexagonal end cap into the coupler, do the same for the other coupler/end cap. You now have a pair of end cap/couplers!

Now for your piping, take the hex cap/coupler with 1 hole (butane end) and get it so fucking stuck on that pipe it will never come off (this ensures good working tight sealed piping).

The end that has multiple holes, put it on the other end of the piping gently! I repeat GENTLY! You want to be able to get this on and off as often as you feel like!

Get a Pyrex Dish
Put coffee filter in hex cap with multiple holes
Grind your herb and put it above filter
*Make sure butane side is up*
Spray butane into the cannister
Allow the solution to hit the pyrex dish
Allow to dry


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Re: DIY Hash Oil Extractor Tube

Post by vaisali » Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:45 am

looks interesting. :banana:

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