Hatcher's manor, Richmond, Tasmania

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Hatcher's manor, Richmond, Tasmania

Post by weedguru_animal » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:05 am

Whilst the promotional photos seemed fairly accurate to what we found at Hatcher's Manor, and the price reasonable for a very comfortable four poster bed set in a two room annex connected to the main building, and the surrounding area quaint, rural and fresh for the senses...there were some problems which certainly shaped our overall impressions of the place. Unlike other reviewers, our issues were not in any way rooted in the condition of the property (our room was as advertised, basic milk/tea and toiletries, clean sheets, comfortable pillows), instead, they arose from the owners and strange/awkward atmosphere they produced.

We did enjoy the one meal we purchased, but were far from impressed, even comfortable, with the conduct of the chap who appeared to be the owner. His wife, a goldie hawn X Patsy (of AbFab fame) creature was endearing in her own peculiar but pleasant way, but her husband's unsolicited leering towards my Lady, and winks in my direction along with comments of 'how beautiful your girlfriend is', along with a few spoken lines about her looks which were improper; made us both eager to part from his presence, and me personally, wonder more about the connecting door in our room...

The energy was strange. It felt like they may have been ritualistic in some odd fashion, and when the guests were in their rooms, the clothes would come off, man would dance with pig, woman with dog, bizarre sexual rites would ensue, Dionysus or Maenad style. Too hard to put my finger on it during the brief, less than 24 period we stayed at the Manor, but definitely something which made part of me, and my Lady, and many others included in this review thread, rather ill at ease.

Personally, I found the photo album of The Making Of The Manor at first mildly eccentric, and then worryingly sinister, for what kind of guests do the owners perceive would want to not only view but also purchase at a high price photos of their clan/cult building the manor many years ago???

Its very much THEIR world you are heading into, the owners world and the orientals, perhaps investors????? Its an odd sight to find more orientals than whites working and visiting an english style country manor in the countryside near Hobart...

Nice people, other than the leering goon with the 'tash, but they were just too uncouth to enjoy/accommodate when the aim was a private retreat in the countryside. The horses and sheep appeared normal...and unaffected by the misfiring synapses in their human neighbours.

Stayed October 2012, travelled as a couple

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