Syria...same old story

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Syria...same old story

Post by weedguru_animal » Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:34 am

You would think, with the western media constantly shouting about the huge influence and support of Iran in both Iraq and Syria that any peace conference organized to attempt to end the bloodshed in either of those countries, Syria in this case, would involve Iran. With far more evidence suggesting Saudi, US, French, probably English support for the rebels slaughtering bishops and kids and each other it can come as no surprise that those same foreign powers shut down the UN's recent invitation for Iran to join the peace conference in Geneva. It also seems logical to call such a move nonsensical...

If Iran are such a big player, what possible good can come from cutting them out from any negotiation of peace??? The only result that can occur is that the enemies of Assad get together, talk of the peace they will bring if they rid the country of Assad and their enemies, and then when the fighting continues, these same cunts will say to the world 'they refused to buy into our peace process'.

To confound matters...Perhaps you remember a few months back, when Assad invited UN chemical weapons inspectors into Damascus and then promptly, was widely reported and condemned by the Western press, to have launched a chemical attack in Damascus!!! What possible gain could Assad have achieved??? Nothing whatsoever. In all situations where the reality and truth appear mired in pungent haze, the general method for discerning truth is to look at who gains. Clearly Assad had nothing to gain in that situation, and his enemies had everything to gain. It didn't work out, mainly due to the russians maintaining their stand of 'why the hell would assad invited inspectors in, then launch an attack nextdoor to them??? There is plenty of evidence to suggest chemical attacks in syria have been organized and carried out by Western Powers and their proxies'.

Thats the cannot fuck with russia these days. They will stare you down and remain asking the same questions.

So it is time for a second roll of the same dice.
1. Organize a Peace Summit meeting on neutral ground.
2. Even Assad will send a spokesgroup...what the fuck??? We can't have that...but we can't uninvite him...he is, after all, the elected leader, and does seem to have a large amount of support from SYRIANS, and then there is the fact that he has made huge ground in recovering and securing much of Syria. Ok...fuck it, we will let him come, but at a cost...
3. We can hardly plant a bomb at a UN summit...we have already used the chemical weapons attack what next eh???
4. Release reports of Assad sounds better...yes, assad's regime tortured and killed 10000 detainees! Perfect.
5. Throw enough mud and some many of the millions who read the reports believe them. plenty! Brilliant work...
6. BAN KI MOON, you moron...what the devil were you thinking??? why did you invite Iran??? rescind that invite at once...we CANNOT and WILL NOT have the major obstacle to our efforts at destroying that country and enforcing sharia law ruined by your decency and logic. RESCIND RESCIND RESCIND. Don't you realize, dear Ban Ki, that the UN is a US run organization??? Just remember who butters your fucking bread, ban ki.
7. Ban ki moon rescinds the invite.

Russia, the voice of reason in this maelstrom of superpowers vying for control of the middle east, suggests the conference is pointless without the presence of Iran. The US praises Ban Ki Moon.

The first day of the talks is an attack on all sides by all sides...

US Secretary of Hate, John Cunt Kerry, had this to say..
"No-one has done more to make Syria a magnet for terrorists than Bashar al-Assad. You cannot save Syria with Bashar al-Assad in power."

Well it was well worth Assad be told by a foreign power, funding and supporting terrorists in his country, lying to the world about his behaviour and levels of support by syrians, that it was not the american and saudi money arming terrorists and sending them into Syria, it was actually Assad making himself a magnet for terrorism! And that no peace can come with Assad still in charge.

Typical duplicity, from a man who sucks on the teat of real global terror every second he breathes.

Meanwhile, US and Canadian bosom buddy, Israel, announces yet another new round of settlements on occupied territory in what will be called 'the former palestine; in the not too distant future, breaking the most basic of international laws for the 191st time...but wait a second...a few thousand years ago, in a book, they were given that land, so surely must be theirs. Yes, their god told them it was their land. Now move along palestinians, our god gave us this land, who are you to dispute you go!!!

The other thing to bear in mind, other than WHO GAINS??? Is to dig deep to work out what is happening in the shadows, when the light is shed and focused on other matters. Focus the attention of the public on X and we can get to work on Y...etcttetctetcttetctetcttetc rinse and repeat...rinse and repeat...where is Chomsky when I need him???
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