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Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:35 pm
by jice4ugirls
I havent smoked for a while and i was wondering i still want to take edibles here and there but last time they made me sick and i knoe it was because moslty i wasnt used to it. also i guess im still getting used to the fact that if i do get high i am not going to want to do anything and that it will bring back memorie of bad times. i still want to start out with the eddibles or a russian concocction or however u spell it or drops or marinol ive been doing good soo far as not smoking and i want to keep it that way just because my body is still healing after over ten years of tabacco and other stuff that is in ciggarettes at first it was my teeth hurt then it was my feet hurt now the feet are getting better i think that smoking mask a lot of the pain and that is why i was moslty ciggarettes couple blunts a day. i just dont want to give up i just see how much you can do but i know that mary was my whole life and she aint gonna be leaving me and you can alwayz count on here