Corporate Welfare for Sam Walton and His Kids:Reply by CTCF

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Corporate Welfare for Sam Walton and His Kids:Reply by CTCF

Post by cutthecashflow » Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:46 pm

Raymond, Ed. "On Elephants, Camels and Donkeys" High Plains Reader 08 Aug 2013 Print.

Sam Walton of WalMart fame must have learned about camels, needles and Lazarus while teaching Sunday school at his local Presbyterian Church in Bentonville, Arkansas, but evidently he didn't pass all of the wisdom, morality and ethics of the Bible's Ten Commandments to his business ten commandments he published in his autobiography "Made In America: My Story."

I won't go through all of his commandments, but two stand out: (2) Share your rewards and (5) Value your associates. Sam's business "morality" has driven thousands of smaller family businesses into bankruptcy and oblivion by under-cutting them in countries around the world. Sam always worked on a public image of giving back to his employees.Early he established profit-sharing schemes, store discounts and stock options for some employees. But Same was a very good carnival banker, selling pigs in pokes and brass as gold.

The four surviving members of the Walton family are now worth over $100 billion. Last year alone each Walton made $5billion off stock and investments during the fifth year of our recession. WalMart executives claim the average full-time wage for "associates" is $12.78 per hour. Business World, a very reputable business magazine, says the actual pay comes out to $8.81 per hour for full timers.

WalMart part timers and temps make much less. WalMart currently employs about 1.4 million "associates" for over 4,000 stores in the U.S. (When I worked for Penny's in high school, I was called a clerk.) Many WalMart employees fall under the poverty line. But all WalMart shoppers should understand that when they get a couple of cents off a quart of paint or a bunch of bananas that they are not done paying for Sam's discounts at the cash register.

The U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce studied the salary and meager benefits WalMart pays many associates and determined that a typical WalMart store in the U.S. costs taxpayers over $1.7 million a year for employee food stamps, health care, and other expenses for WalMart workers under the poverty line. Multiply $1.7 million by 4,000 and then find it under corporate welfare in the federal budget.

So Sam Walton's family is not living up to his commandments in at least two major areas: (1) Sharing rewards from a very profitable company and (2) Valuing your associates because they have made it a profitable company. The Walton family has so many camels it can't squeeze through the eye of the needle they should be embarrassed. But it isn't.

The WalMart Corporation averages one-tenth of one percent (.001%) for charitable contributions, the least of all active U.S. businesses. I wonder if would have made a difference if Lazarus had been a Presbyterian......

August 10, 2013 at 10:08pm

~WalMart is the most corrupt corporation in the world and the fact that the majority of the people I know shop there to save a buck or two is disgusting. I have a hard time consuming/using other people's commodities if I know they have purchased them from WalMart. This is not because I think cheap is a bad thing or that I believe that I am somehow better off and shouldn't be using these products. That is far from the truth, I can bet that I currently make less than 95% of the people I know (school's a bitch), but I still manage to live within my means every year without stepping foot in a WalMart.

Moral of the story, WalMart treats its employees like shit for its own personal gain. Remember from history class how the coal mining companies would give currency to its employees that could only be used in its stores? Well theoretically WalMart is doing the exact same thing that was outlawed in coal mining states such as Kentucky and West Virginia, only within so called "legal" means. The majority of WalMart employees have to live off of food stamps. Sure they can use these food stamps anywhere, but where do you think they go to shop? WalMart! All that is happening is WalMart is "paying" its employees a shit wage and in turn the government gives these people food stamps, which in all actuality are government subsidized money (that you, I, and they pay for in taxes every year) in the form of food stamps, and in turn this government subsidized money is given right back to WalMart as a profit. Really, what WalMart is doing is akin to indentured servitude, again within so called "legal" means. WalMart is making money off of the taxes that you, I, and the WalMart employee pay to the federal government every year.

By continued expansion in the Walmart corporation through the building of new stores to meet the demands of shoppers like you who spend your money at this atrocious monstrosity this cycle of enriching WalMart while devaluing everyone else continues at an exponential rate. You people are feeding the beast that will be the demise of what is in a nutshell............ capitalism. WalMart grows and grows and grows. Small businesses die and die and die. Soon you are left with a handful of corporations such as WalMart who can sell their products at a low price that becomes the standard in America. In turn you have created socialism for the masses by enabling capitalism for the few. Happy?

Stop shopping here. If I can avoid WalMart on a stipend, you can do it on your salary.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

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