a wickedly all consuming Frankenstein mix of a velociraptor

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a wickedly all consuming Frankenstein mix of a velociraptor

Post by weedguru_animal » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:59 am

Its proven a testing day, on all but one of all possible measures. Two hours late for work, after waking from an intense adventure in the dream realm, unwilling to make that definite step into the sleepless realm of opening not just one, but both eyes wide and aware to the light. I had business to attend to, yet heading back into the remnants of the same dream only made matters worse. Still...my hopes for improvement remained intact, until I ventured to Seddon to view a property which was ancient in style and decor, sporting a delightful pear tree in the rear yard, but essentially impossible for me to accept, let alone bring myself to yearn for, as my new abode. Disappointment overcame me. Back to work on my two wheeled beast at 130km/h+, which felt wonderful, liberating, in all ways magnificent, at the time, but which now, in recollection and pondering, causes concern for any speed cameras working and placed clandestinely along that brilliantly 3 laned Footscray road route connecting the western suburbs to the City.

The guilt rising up my spine for failing to find the time to visit my beloved hellhound at lunchtime, I was met in my work den by an email from my pigfuckers of an Estate Agency, explaining that despite the overwhelming lack of amenities in this property, I am legally obliged to pay full rent for the final month of my tenancy. Were I king of this land, such human vermin would be far higher on my list of 'to cull at once, personally' than any kangaroos. The repairs needed here are so immense in size and cost that they cannot be carried out whilst I am living here, yet...fucked light sockets in three rooms, two doors which wont close due to the walls ever closer to collapse, a ceiling ready to fall, a half broken toilet and gas cooker, both security doors far from secure, and 4 out of 7 rooms, leaking profusely whenever we experience heavy precipitation from the Gods realm above...seems to hold no water, as a request for a rent reduction. I was livid...thrashing around in my chair, roaring incredibly vicious threats to anyone within hearing distance. And then...an unexpected visitor appeared in my midst...armed with an expensive passion fruit cupcake, encased in a pretty box, along with a brilliant card, depicting a Persian queen with a gloriously huge afro, adorned with gorgeous threads. Overleaf was written...'happy birthday old codger...K.xx'. A strange young Woman, who appears a wickedly all consuming Frankenstein mix of a velociraptor and Neneh Cherry, with whom I enjoy, less than am often irritated by, an even stranger connection. Her presence by my side at least managed to lift my ailing spirits. And for that I am thankful.

Now...you find me far from ready for my evening guest of a Dutch florist and her dwarf sized old hound. Truly I worry how Oscar will react to such a creature spending time in what he clearly considers is not just HIS house, but also HIS world. But such things need not be worried about here and now, for my mind is so mired in TROUBLE that I must take their visit as a welcome distraction, hope to sleep well, avoid the fiends plaguing me from this morning's dreams, and awake, reinvigorated with vitality. Ready once more, to emerge from my lair swinging and stabbing and gouging...

Today marked the 33rd anniversary of my emergence from the womb. I have kept the fact in the shadows, for the last few years have led me to believe, that this day is always awful. Whether that awfulness is expressed by a coke fiend fiancé splitting with me, or the savage fires and multiple deaths of many in this country, its never a surprise, that come February 7th, major adversity WILL strike, either directly upon, or near to me.

I apologize for the frenzied/ hectic nature of this missive...but...I wanted to write, and had hoped for more time to calmly thread together some sentences of eloquence and intrigue. I should have known better, to have even pondered such a situation occurring on this day...which Rudd told the world a couple of years back...'will always be remembered as a day of death, destruction and mourning'...Rather fitting.
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Re: a wickedly all consuming Frankenstein mix of a velocirap

Post by cutthecashflow » Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:10 am

Nice read. I am glad that you are providing some text to read both in your own words and interesting findings. Keep them coming, eh?
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