Tyrant - Massimo Manfredi

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Tyrant - Massimo Manfredi

Post by weedguru_animal » Sun May 15, 2011 9:32 am


I first read Manfredi's work a decade ago, when for my 22nd birthday, a close friend of mine, Mario...the ex-gangster of Naples, philosopher, sage, hedonist, traveler, world class chef, talented footballer...presented me with the Alexander trilogy. Those books enticed me into an ancient world where the ideals of Valour, Bravery and Loyalty were actually valuable and revered, unlike the world of Today. They changed me. Validated core yearnings, encouraged parts of my fervour to continue, to dive deeper, to travel further and wider, and to always chase a Dream.

Many years have passed since I read those three books, and the increased harabouring of my own aspirational want for literal endeavour has precluded a return to Manfredi. But recently, after finding Bukowski's letters compliation, too depressing, too horrifying, too eager to darken my spirit and kill the innocence of my heart; I returned to Manfredi, with this book...Tyrant.

Admittedly, I have more natural interest in the story of a syracusan leader than those who have zero link, bloodwise, to such a city, and country. But still...this story is historically accurate, involves huge upheavals of the ancient realm, beautifully rendered, poetic, brutal...and a companion I could not put down. I have made myself sick from perservering with my afterwork hour or three in the front garden following Dionysius, through rain and wind and wooden splinters in my gumline.

I have been inspired, delighted, brought to tears...and more proud than ever before, of my 50% syracusan blood, merely for the hint of any connection to such a special character, whose moves, however vicious, however horrifying, I could not once fault.

Highly reccomended.
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