Quitting smoking - hardest thing ever?

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Quitting smoking - hardest thing ever?

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Who has ever -successfully, and permanently- put off the tobacco? I started off on the Super-Filter Marlbaro's and moved up to Ultralights, then Lights. Now I'm on blue Dunhills.

I can barely run, and simple tasks leave me wheezing.

I've tried about a million times to quit but I just keep smoking again.

Nicotine gum taste like shite and doesn't even get rid of the craving.

Does anyone have a method that actually works?

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Sir Toke-a-lot
Sir Toke-a-lot
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Re: Quitting smoking - hardest thing ever?

Post by Ikku »

I've always found tobacco use to be a very environmental thing. If I'm hanging out with a lot of smokers, I am much more likely to smoke habitually. I live with someone who smokes neither marijuana or tobacco, so if I've been staying in a lot not doing much (or hanging out with a nonsmoking crowd) I don't get the urge to smoke, unless there's some cue, like a person (actors mainly) I admire smoking, which I admit is pretty lame of me, smoking to be "cool" but not gonna lie, some really really cool people smoke. Or pretend to smoke for drama at least. This is opposed to marijuana, which I am perfectly happy consuming on my own, in fact I sometimes prefer it.

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