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Re: Dumb DVD Question...

Post by Weedguru_RyaNayR »

you can't play a dvd in a cd player, period. no matter how you format it, or what format the music or video or whatever is in. it just can't read the dvd's surface. but you can play a cd in a dvd player, they are backwards-compatible.

having said that, there is no need for special formatting... you can simply burn a shitload of mp3's to a dvd and play it in a dvd player, and it will most likely (99% of the time) play the songs. you could probably fit like 5000 songs on it, or somewhere close to that... a single layer dvd is 4 gigabytes (GB), and a dual layer is 8.

Also, some modern cd players will now play mp3's directly burned to the cd... you could probably fit like 200 mp3's on a CD... i think. maybe 100... but a lot more than traditional CD format... which is like 15-20 songs.
like i said, you have to have an mp3 compatible player though./

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Re: Dumb DVD Question...

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^Good info to know!

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