need Help with Javascript (newbie stuff) and creative work&l

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need Help with Javascript (newbie stuff) and creative work&l

Post by Clint-- »

myputer keeps closing out all my ie windows wtf...

all kinds of crazy shit, cookies dont clear, history dont clear half the time, or any thing

Ive used adaware- the newest version

spyware sweeper or someshit

and spyware doctor and none of them help but i know it has problems

any help? lol

I woudl also like to mention the windowse back after about 5 mins or so, well atleast some of them do

like for example im browsing WG and the fucker closes out and then i open a new one and all that and about a lil later ites back

shitty sorry for double post also, this pc is real shitty now

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Post by SpRi7e »

Sounds to me like your computer needs to be reformatted, but if your computer is slow now just reformat your computer then it will be back to normal.
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