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Animal's Football School

Post by weedguru_animal » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:35 am

I have long been a footballer. Longer even than I have been a supporter. However, its fair to say that my skills and technique lie almost exclusively in the defensive department. I've always maintained a solid level of competence at fullback and in the centre of defence, with heading my only obvious weakness. My passing is fine, with both feet, over short and long distances. However, I have never really learnt or attempted to learn how to dribble or beat a player. Back in the motherland, when I have played with friends I have always been content to play LB or RB, helping out in the middle when needed, sought glory in my tackling, marking and covering. Now I am in antartica, fitter than I have been for a year or five and playing once again, with a group of males from work...I call them males, for they generally lack the class required for me to call them Chaps, and have not the lad-ishness to earn the name of Lads, yet some are more than merely workmates as in I exchange some sincere warmth with them on occasion. The standard is fairly low, and defence is not so important as we are playing 5-8 a side with a small pitch. So low is the quality that several players have commended me on my talents! Which is more a sign of the absence of even basic skills than my sudden growth of technique. Its now or never. for when could I have a better chance of finding a hint of the starlight I admire so much in others and would greatly like to bask in????

So...without further ado, I aim to embark upon a regime, ball at feet, and learn a move each week or two, and try it out on the field of Doom. Beginning with something simple, like the Mathews dribble, which looked amazing on Pro Evolution, but I have rarely seen it performed on the pitch by any of our crowd. A solid start eh!

the mathews dribble

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