seaweed fertiliser

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seaweed fertiliser

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I only realized how wonderful weed is in the last few years and have been making up for lost time ever since so I would love to share a fertilizer I used to grow my first four beautiful beautiful plants from seed ~ so, when they are not baby seedlings anymore but looking like they are going to be good:
1: go to the beach and collect seaweed, get all kinds but (if you can) make sure you have included the type that is in rock pools and is green and flowing when wet and dried and brown when not but goes green again when wet, if you get tough kelp you will need to cut it in small pieces.
2: bring it home and put it in a bucket filled with fresh water for 1-3 days
3:after 1-3 days put seaweed in a sieve that has big holes and hose it , moving it around so the salt is washed away for approx. x1 joint/spot/pipe/whatever, 2 fags , and a glass of wine/beer/energy drink/coffee/whatever takes your fancy but make sure that salt is washed away or it will kill your plant
4:put in a container that has a lid ~ approx. 1/4-1/2 filled with seaweed and add water and put lid on
5: hard bits are lid and stir it around each night for minimum 3 weeks...if water evaporates a bit just top it up and stir more
6: after 3 weeks is ready to use and it stinks so before using on your precious plants, water a plant that you don't care if it dies....just to be sure
7: if that plant doesn't die yay, all the salt is out so water your weed once a week with this and it will love you for it and thrive...........

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