cloning and flowering questions

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Casual toker
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cloning and flowering questions

Post by tim »

Sorry for being such a noob im very new to this.

Im growing a plant outdoors now, and it is time of year for flowering now. But I would like to make some clones, is it to late?
From what I understand the clones would focus on rooting and then go into vegetative state. And im thinking that then the amount of sunlight will have changed so it will not flower for another year.
Is this right?
Would it just keep growing for a year and then when it flowers it would have bigger and more buds?

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Re: cloning and flowering questions

Post by Weedguru Higher »

Umm...where do you live? Australia?

If it's flowering time, it's to late for clones

It won't keep growing for another year...the light cycles will mes sit up

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