Taproot & Cotyledon At War For Sunlight... Help!

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Taproot & Cotyledon At War For Sunlight... Help!

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Hi, thanks for reading this...

Recently my feminized Bubblelicious autoflower has germinated (using the wet Paper-Towel method in an unsealed plastic bag) and the seed apparently was not placed in the soil with the taproot aimed perfectly downwards... When the seedling originally broke the surface of the soil, it appears that the taproot emerged, although-- for a full day-- I mistakenly thought it was a sprouted cotyledon. I wasn't absolutely positive that this was indeed the taproot, so to repair the issue, I dug-up the seed and adjusted it, with the taproot-looking appendage pointing more horizontally than vertically downwards (I figured that if the root was still alive and not "air-pruned", then Nature in her infinite wisdom would correct the issue).

To my pleasant surprise, a couple of days later the cotyledon did emerge, though the two tiny leaves that sprouted seemed very small. I assume this was just because of the strange nature of it's development, and that it would likely repair and adjust itself, or else continue to grow a bit stunted because of the shock during it's infancy.

But after the two "almost-leaves" began to dry out and shrivel up a bit, the taproot now has emerged just an inch beside the little sprout. So now two little "fingers" of plant growth are popping out of the soil.

Any sound, helpful advice would be very much appreciated. Anyone encounter this before? I'm about to perform another "surgery" to see what I can do (if anything) to fix the matter.

Help??? Thank you for your helpful responses.

Dig the 3 photos posted below. The 3rd photo may be the most revealing.


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