Maximizing Yield in Guerrilla Autoflowering: Help???

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Maximizing Yield in Guerrilla Autoflowering: Help???

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How can I maximize my yield if I were to grow a few large strains of autoflowering feminized plants out in a field near a very shallow stream of clean running water??? I'm trying to pool together and use any little tricks I can.

The beastly-sized strains I have are Northern Lights, Amnesia, Afghan Kush Ryder, Royal Cheese.

Air-pruning pots increase yield by 30% or greater I'm told, but by nature they dry out extremely quick. It may not be possible to make daily visits to the grow-site, so with no regular watering available they may be worse than "regular" pots.

Using Mycorrhizal seems excellent for superior root-health & development, though I've not tried it yet.

A few questions:

If I were to grow some of the larger strains of auto-flowering plants in a Growpot/Smartpot somewhere in the wilderness, how would adequate watering be addressed (affordably)???

If there was an occasional hole in the ground revealing a small puddle (from the water-table), would it be effective to wick water to the plant (above/nearby)??? What makes the best wick material???

I appreciate any sound advice, help & suggestions to increase and maximize yield in an autoflower guerrilla grow such as this... Thanks!

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