Thinking about growing! Need help!

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Thinking about growing! Need help!

Post by Puffman »

Okay, please don't laugh!

Today I was smokin' and my friend showed me some seeds and offered to sell them to me. I said I'l think about it. I really want to grow!! But the only thing is... I live with my parents! :scratchs: They don't even know I smoke!! And don't think they'l be to happy if they found out!
Now my question... They don't really come into my room and when I'm out I lock my door, is there any way of hiding it? I know it sounds dumb but I was thinking of taking out a few on my jackets from my wordrobe and putting them in there?
Can anyone help with suggestions to hide them? I know theres a thread on odour so thats not a problem.
It might be a stupid idea but just thought I'd give it a shot..

Thanks :)

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Re: Thinking about growing! Need help!

Post by leprechaun »

When i was about 17 I was taking out the draws of my wee cabinet for some reason and realised that they didn't go all the way to the back, so i had the ingenious idea that i would be able to grow some weed in it up to a point, then i'd put it in a backpack and bring it into the woods....... set up-easy, germination-easy, first two weeks-easy. That's about it. My naievity got the better of me. They either drowned or croked it after the 1 oversized eco-friendly, battery powered lightbulb that i had duct-taped to the ceiling part over heated. Probably as a result of being stuck up with so much tape. The whole thing was a disaster. I decided then that the only time you could grow would be if you have your own place. For me i just wasn't able to put in the effort needed to do it well, at all even. And from my experience, no matter how much parents say they have never been in your room. They've been in your room. It's like their job.
Four star familiar.


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