best light weight sports tourer options???

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best light weight sports tourer options???

Post by weedguru_animal » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:18 am

After my latest long distance ride, a 500km round trip within 36 hours, I am for the first time considering a move away from the super sports offerings. My 07' R6 in perfect condition is a wonderful devil steed. Unbelievably quick, amazingly agile, braking and cornering superb, a warrior for short distances, as fast as anything I come across when ridden as it demands...hard. I find great joy in its never-ending pace and ability to throw it into and through the smallest of gaps. It is also sublimely swift from a standing start. However, this beast was designed for the track, clearly. Riding hundreds of miles at high speed is not fun, only agony. And as I seem destined to take more trips out of the city, hopefully with my apache poetess goddess tightly wrapped around me, the idea of comfort is dawning upon me and taking root.

Before the 07 r6 I had for many moons a 99' r6. Before which a wonderful 99' cbr600f. Is that cbr classed as a sports tourer? It was fine for riding 100 miles through motorway and countryside. Or perhaps I was simply younger, so my sinew was not so addled and drained by high speed riding long distance?

I am tentatively seeking something closer to the old cbr600f. Something with power and agility, not too far off the supersports routine, yet with a more comfortable ride.

My initial research has led to peeking at the 650 ninja and yamaha fz6r. Both of which seem to lack the speed...or do they?

Can anyone kindly suggest other bikes I could consider?

Pace, agility, braking, whatever is basically supersports performance in a more comfortable riding position, 600-1000cc. The lighter the better.

Any advice id greatly appreciated.


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