Can anyone find my dream trainers????

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Ganja God
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Can anyone find my dream trainers????

Post by weedguru_animal »

My Queen has kindly offered to purchase a pair of new paw covers for me, with some of her huge recent tax rebate...I have earmarked a dream pair, but am having huge difficulty in finding my size and also a stockist willing to send out to Australia... ANy help at all, would be greatly appreciated, for the longer my hunt continues, the more the offer fades into dust.

Its this pair-

New Balance Road to London Grey US Size 10

which have my fit US SIZE 10, but unfortunately the fiends wont deliver to australia, or anywhere apparently other than Germany.

Help me please!

(I have found a US 11...maybe but the problem is, one of my feet is nearer US 10 the other US 9.5)

Weedguru Higher
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Re: Can anyone find my dream trainers????

Post by Weedguru Higher »

Looks like it's a limited edition...everything other than 11 or 12 is sold out everywhere I've looked

Good luck

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