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the genie

Post by captainMorton » Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:44 am

so this guy decides to take his wife golfing with him, shes never golfed before, and is at the first tee when she drives he ball across the fence and through the window of the house sitting beside the course. "damit, now we have to go apologize to that guy" says the husband. so they go up to the house and knock on the door, "come in" says a voice from inside, so they go In, and the see this man sitting there wearing purple pants and sandals, surounded by broken glass from the window and a vase across from it, "sorry about your window and vase, Ill pay for all the damages" says the husband, "dont worry about it" says the man in the sandals "in fact, I wish to reward you", "why" says the husband, "because im a genie" says the man in the sandals, "and you just let me out of that vase there, ive been stuck in there for 500 years, so Im going to grant three wishes, one to each of you, and one to myself" The husband looks at his wife and says "that sounds fair, i guess I wish for onemillion dollars a year, every year" "and ill wish for a wonderfull house with very expensive cars in the driveway". "ok" says the genie "for my wish, I would like to fuck your wife" he says th the husband, the husband looks at his wife, "well we are now rich, i guess Im Ok with it if you are", the wife looks at the genie, he was handsome and fit "ok" says the wife"ill do it". so the genie takes the wife upstairs and they procede to fuck for 4 hours straight, when they were done, the genie looks at the wife and asks "how old are you and your husband?", "well We are both 39 years old" says the wife, "wow" says the genie, "39 and you both still belive in genies?"
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