Will Islam take over the world?

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Will Islam take over the world?

Post by weedguru_animal » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:59 am

Unsure on the accuracy (video was from 2007), but the general trend seems reasonable to believe. Just not the numbers, which appear a bit too perfect and startling... Marine Le Pen might be able to keep France more secular...but doubt she will get in as has been constantly demonised by the MSM as a right wing fascist, when much of what she says makes sense, yet again, I don't feel France is anywhere near as close to the predictions outlined in this fearmongering routine in terms of tidal waves of muslims arriving from all directions...Regardless, my own tribe expanded across the world through owning the seas and slaughtering or enslaving the natives. An empire built without mass murder might not be the worst future for the world...though I suspect the Chinese might fend off such change and the Hindus appear to have a similar fertility rate to the Muslims globally...Interesting times.

I don't doubt that the numbers are misleading, they seem too precise and perfect to illustrate the points made...but some of the ideas seem logical. I wasn't adding any feeling to the thing, just found it interesting,

Far from take the tense tone and worrying music as fearful, I found the idea more interesting...that a religion and its culture could well grow hugely and expansively without bloodshed, when every other culture and society I have known of, has expanded, or even survived, solely through bloodshed, alongside propaganda. I am not attaching any positive or negative to the report...other studies show that by around 2050 there will be close to as many muslims as christians in the world, though I remain unsure how they come up with such statistics. There is no christian register as far as I know...The most realistic view seems to be that no european country will have a muslim majority in our lifetimes. However, some cities will have muslim majority councillors, mayors and business leaders...Its an interesting topic, not often discussed sensibly, yet my inklings of the clip I shared above, are in line with yours. Some of it almost appears comedy, childrens TV for the BNP or KKK. I wonder if ol' man Bannon would approve!

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