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The Writer

Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:09 am

Alone the boy sits in his otherwise empty home
Enjoying the subtle silence as he lets his mind freely roam
Motivation strikes and he feels that familiar itch overcome his hands
Those without that artistic touch couldn't possibly understand
A smile interrupts his solemn face and fire invades his eyes
He is at peace once again as his ears close themselves to this world's cries
A calmness overcomes him and flows through his body
And he readies his soul to experience another round of his hobby
He'll soon drift away to his creative oasis
A hidden world that he ventures to on a daily basis
The marks it leaves on his young mind are more than just traces
There he has experienced wonders untold
He knows no famine there, no anger, not even hot or cold
He comes to this place merely to witness its pleasures
All of its divine beauty and plentiful treasures
It is a world unlike any other
Full of the strangest of beasts and the most radiant of colors
The time he has spent there he would never trade
For it has provided more benefits than will ever fade
In this wonderful other world he has learned compassion, patience, and empathy
From all his experience there and each of the amazing marvels that he has seen
For this world has provided him with some valuable lessons
Because it teaches him a new story in every session
Once he returns to the real world from his trance
He goes straight to work to write down each and every experience
He knows the stories it has inspired are his to be told
And the writer loves nothing more than to fly to this otherworld and watch them unfold
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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