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Post by Paperclip420 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:07 pm

Swimming at the bottom, bout to rise to the top
Puffing on that strong shit till the day I fucking drop
Till they toss me in my grave and they fill that bitch with dirt
I swear I'll never behave, I'll never convert
To their fully flawed way of functioning, their fucked up way of thinking
I'll continue rising high while they're still steadily sinking
Mumbling about me stumbling and tumbling through my wicked life
However I'm not an evil-doer, never lived by the gun or knife
I just drift with the smoke, smile stuck on my face
Spend so much time in the Outer-Worlds I'm a self-declared citzen of Space
Otherworldly Mary, she's always inclined to help erase
All the pain we repress, she never leaves a trace
One thing I must confess, her benefits I can't replace
She's helped me through so much of what I couldn't do alone
When I come to a deadend she makes sure the path is always shown
Just trying to get high, blazing on that home-grown
So if you feel inclined please come join the family stoned
Drifting as I cautiously ponder the obstacles I aim to conquer
My time is at hand, I must wait no longer
Got motivation on my mind, and fire in my veins
I'm ready to lead, someone pass me the reins
Only thing I'm worried about is resin stains
Mary sometimes likes to leave a mark
So how high am I? let's just say your guess isn't even in the ballpark
A million light-years from Earth, I'd say something like that
Since my birth my mind and gravity have been locked in fierce combat
When Mary's by my side I seem to have the upper hand
Soaring at distances mere mortals couldn't possibly understand
Smoking, floating, hoping that I'll never come back down
Transcendentally dancing with Mary, the stars make up her gorgeous gown
Queen of the Cosmos, the moons align in her crown
She's one hell of a sight, enough to make the toughest frown disappear
That's why you'll always catch me with a smile everytime she's near
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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