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Post by Paperclip420 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:06 pm

Pulling into her space she turns off the headlights
Wearily she reaches for the handle and steps into the chilly night
Ready to take flight and drift to distant heights
She walks up the little path to the front door
Inserts her key, twists the lock free, and steps on her forgiving floor
Instantly some of the weight falls from her shoulders
And she regains her smile and most of her composure
Finally she is home, it was one stressful day
Now she's gonna take a seat, roll up, and float away
The overbearing world has been working on her last nerves
So now she's gonna check her green reserves
Pinch out a gram, find a skin
Fill it full with a grin
Nice and fat, not in the least bit thin
Roll it with a twist, give Mary a little spin
You get the gist, she sparks up and lets the journey begin
Mary invites her into the stars, a place she knows well
She catches sight of Mary's face and falls under her spell
Floating weightlessly
Drifting patiently
Further and further away from her burdens
When she'll be back she is uncertain
She only knows it won't be anytime soon
She laughs as she gives a goodbye to our mystic moon
This is her cure to the stress which she is not immune
Marvelous Mary is at her best when she's reduced to the finest flakes
She'll dry tears, overcome fears, and mend some mistakes
Miraculous medicine, half of America enjoys a daily dose
The cure for the diseases the doctors rarely diagnose
Depression, stress, over-pressure, and lack of rest
Mary's there when you're not feeling your best
Out of this world, the girl is reinvigorated with her familiar zest
Now that she is high her problems can be addressed
And contemplated with new eyes
She gets to work solving her struggles as she continues to rise

For K.
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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