One Time in Roswell (Unfinished)

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One Time in Roswell (Unfinished)

Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:18 pm

Ok, I've been working on this since the beginning of summer but I've been at a stand still on it for the last few weeks. My last count had it at around 200 lines but I've only got about a third of it written. Basically, it's about me a few friends who take a trip out to Roswell to look for extraterrestrials and I end up being abducted by pothead aliens. Don't judge me just read it XD Any criticism is greatly appreciated

Chilling at my house one night
Searching everywhere for something to light the bowl
Suddenly, my friends bust in
Saying "Hey, man. Pack your shit, we gotta roll."
I said, "Where the hell are we gonna go?"
"A little place called Roswell, New Mexico"
So I packed up and didn't have to ask why
We got on a plane and took off for the sky
Flying through the clouds, a few miles high
Touched down with a bad case of red eye
We all stepped off onto the tarmac
Thanked fate for staying safe and rushed off so we could unpack
Grabbed our luggage and ran to rent a car
Thanking the stars that our room wasn't far
Had to make a pit stop in town
Grabbed some green that the dude claimed was the best around
Pulled in sideways at the hotel
Ran up the stairs and
Busted through the door to roll an L
Tightened the loose end and
Gave it one last lick
Then grabbed the fire and baked it with the Bic
Touched the flame to the tip
Instantly my eyes decided to dip
Passed it to my friend on the left
Mary stole my heart years ago, grand theft
Shes a crazy bitch, but I'll love her to the end
Smiling as we all ascend
Like the aliens among us,
floating through the stars
Wishing what's their's was ours
Might not want a huge gray head
and big black eyes
But I'd love infinite intelligence
and a ship that flies
Through galaxies at a moment's notice
Endlessly searching through the black abyss
High as hell, no fucks given
Can't even guess how far we've risen
Bout time to come down
Feet need to arrive on the ground
We shake the stars out of our heads
And dive right into our comfy beds
We all jump right into sleep
None of us needed to count any sheep
We were all ready to enter the sea of dreams
And enjoy our head movies of different themes
I'm a king in one, in another I'm floating through space
In my last of the night I'm giving chase
To these three little dudes, and I can't make out one face
Every time I get close they take a turn and get away
That continues until I'm awakened by the light of the new day
Shining though the window directly on my eyes
The light telling me it's time to arise
I lift myself up after a few tries
I get my feet on the floor, waiting for my muscles to react
They catch up and I grab for my bag to see what I've packed
I pull out some shorts, boxers, and a thin shirt
Gotta be wearing something cool for the desert
Surrounded by cacti and dirt
I gather up my clothes and head for the shower
My pores absorbing the water's power
My soul hydrated once more
I step out onto the tile floor
While reaching for a towel to dry my hair
I catch something strange in the air
A sense of danger ahead
Not exactly dread
It's a strange feeling, hard to exactly describe
Suddenly, everything about this trip gave off a weird vibe
I look at myself in foggy mirror
And wipe it with a rag so I can see clearer
I see a harry potter looking dude staring back
Inhale a deep breath and give my neck a crack
I got dressed and stepped out on the carpet
Needing a left handed cigarette
I grab my pack off the bedside table
And stepped outside, T.V. was flashing,
but I wasn't interested with what was on cable
Lit the spliff and took a deep hit
Blew smoke at the rising sun
Know it wouldn't mind a little shotgun
Staring over the balcony,
I inhale a calming wind
Relax my shoulders and forget the impending
Threat looming in the distance
But I strike down those thoughts as I enhance
The world around me with a little green
Toss the roach and I head back inside for some kind of caffeine
The others are still steadily getting ready
I take a seat on a bed after I move someone's spit stained teddy
So I guess it's time to introduce my little group
There's this tall skinny *censor* that looks like a dread less Uncle Snoop
My friend Joseph, we just call him Joe Blow
He's not your normal run of the mill Moe
This dude is crazy, like fuckin' insane
More headstrong than a freight train
But he's my brother, we've been through it all
If I ever need a favor he's the dude I call
Then there's his girl Laiken, she's our own Mini Barbie
Joe often just calls her his little harpie
She's bold and confident for her size
Not even 5 foot but she can definitely get her voice to rise
Determined and a little too wise
Next up is this chick named Kate, she's the reason we're all here
She's a stoner Marilyn full that spunky cheer
She's got dyed black hair and a couple tattoos
Rebel with a cause, she's not afraid to share her views
Wonderfully eccentric with a beautiful smile
A smile which more than once has crumpled me into a pile
At her feet but I digress
Let me get back to business
I grab a map and lay it on the floor
Pointing out all the places we're gonna explore
First stop is the little corner store
Owned by Kate's granddad, who made the first encounter
A gruff old man, with a face full of silver fir
Then we'll head to get all the gear that we need
Then possibly hit that dude up again cuz it was some great weed
And as soon as the day starts to turn into night
We'll head into the desert and find the landing site
Me and Joe sit back and burn while the girls finish
The green helps to diminish
The uneasiness I feel
Munchies kick in and we all agree we've got to find someplace for a good meal
They're ready so we rush out and jump into the rental
I mess around with the radio but decide just to play an instrumental
We drive around bobbing our heads to the beat
Looking for a good diner where we can eat
After a few minutes of looking we find one just off of the main street
We park and hop out onto the hot ass concrete
It's literally baking the shoes on our feet
We run inside and find a seat
Thumb through the menus while the waitress gets what we ordered to drink
Unsure of what we what so she gives us some time to think
We're all talking shit, figuring out what we're craving
The waitress eyes us to let us know to start behaving
Four middle fingers go up when she turned around
We bust out laughing but decide to keep the noise down
She comes back after a little while
Sounding annoyed and pretty hostile
We order, deciding it was best not to piss her off
Although I couldn't help but hide a "Bitch" under a cough
After an extraordinary amount of time she comes back with our plates
Mine's all wrong, Joe's was missing toast, and they burnt the shit out of Kate's
We decide against bickering with her and eat what we can
While sitting there fuming I came up with a plan
When we finished I told them to walk outside and park the car by the door
I get up to sneak out but knock my almost full cup to the floor
The evil waitress looks at me and realizes what I'm doing
I can see the hate in her eyes brewing
She begins to open her mouth but I didn't care what she had to say
I rush through the door back into the light of the slowly aging day
She runs to the door but by that time we're already on the street
I smile as four middle fingers jump out into the dry heat
Breakfast is taken care of so we head to Kate's granddad's little shop
On the way there she tells us he just likes to be called Pops
We drive for about ten minutes and arrive in front of the little store
Out walks a man who looks like he spent too many years in the Corps
A grizzly man with dark eyes that have seen their fair share of gore
Kate jumps out and runs to get her hug
Joe asks "Do you think he's straight?" and I answer with a little shrug
Laiken chimes in "Stop being idiots. Let's find out what he knows."
We slowly get out because there was no way now we could oppose
We walk up and Kate handles the introductions
My fingers after the handshake feel like they went through a liposuction
Pops asks "Sorry son, did I hurt you?" and of course I lied
He smiles at us all and invites us inside
When we walk through the door my mind starts to whirl
It's like we walked into a new world
Everything in the entire store is alien related
I sat slack-jawed for a minute like my brain suddenly vacated
There were posters, books, even little statues
It was certainly a strange view
Absolutely everything you could think of
All dedicated to the little dudes from above
Laiken was the first to speak, "You're a cooler old man than I thought"
Joe muttered under his breath, "He'd be perfect if he smoked pot"
I held back my laughter and Pops just smiled
We broke apart to examine everything piled
Around the crowded little store
From the roof to the floor
Aliens covered everything, I was captivated
We couldn't help but touch it all, we were so elated
After a few minutes Pops declared, "Alright kids, come on back.
There's things you all need to learn"
As Joe was passing him Pops leaned in and whispered, "Son, who said I didn't burn?"
We walked into the back and sat around a little table in a dark room
Pops shut the door and it gave off a subtle boom
He eyed us with curious intent
Trying to form the ideas he was about to present
"Well," Pops began, walking to the counter, reaching for his supplements
"What brings you all to this side of the continent?"
He popped one and waited for a reply
I looked at him crazy thinking 'Pops, of all people, should know why'
He waited for an answer with a strange smile on his face
Joe spoke first, "Well sir, we want to meet some dudes from space"
Pops slapped his knee and bellowed a hearty laugh
"And how sure are you all that they'll even cross your path?"
Kate said, "We're still gonna try and who knows? We could find them, we could not."
Pops looked at his granddaughter and gave her words a brief moment of thought
"I like that determination. Thick-headed just like your grandmother, God Bless"
Kate smiled, "Runs in the family I guess"
"So where do you all even plan to look for them?"
"Well sir," Laiken said "We thought you'd be able to help us with that little problem"
"I know of some places they've been spotted, yes. But you all have to understand
this is tough land. You must be careful when you venture into that sea of sand."
I asked "Pops, have you ever see any visitors first hand?"
"As a matter of fact I have many, many years ago.
But I'd rather not tell that story, though."
We all looked at him with intrigue and curiosity
But suddenly Pops face gained a look of great animosity
And as quick as it left his smile reappeared
The four of us passed around looks that confirmed it pretty weird
"Well you all came to the right place if you're gonna have any chance."
"But," Pops started and caught me with a sobering glance
"they're dangerous little fellows. I hope you all come back in one piece."
Suddenly my previous feeling of danger arrived again and managed to increase
My foot started to tap and my skin broke out in goose flesh
I excused myself to get some fresh air
Getting up I was shaking so much I nearly knocked over my chair
I walked back into the desert heat, fished out my cigs, and lit a square
A thought broke in 'Should I wash my hands of this affair?
Or do I need to just man up and grow a pair?'
From behind me I hear a voice ask, "Hey man, are you okay?"
I answer "Yeah" not knowing what else to say
I feel a hand fall my my shoulder and turn to see Joe standing with a worried look
He eyed me up and down like he was judging the cover of some book
"I'm fine, just needed a cigarette so I walked outside."
Joe said with a look of doubt, "You know, it's not that hard to tell when you just lied.
Dude you can tell me if something's wrong. I'm no stranger."
"Fine," I said giving in "I feel like I'm in some kind of danger.
I'm not sure what but something is gonna happen to me."
"You're gonna be okay, man. That, I can guarantee."
"How?" My voice broke suddenly. "How do you know?"
Joe said "Calm down man, I'm not your foe.
I just feel we're all gonna keep each other safe, so don't worry."
"Alright," I said "Go on in, I need a minute alone."
He gave me a friend's smile and entered the door as my vision started to turn blurry
A stiff feeling rose in my bones
And my skin turned a translucent shade of white
I whispered to myself "I just hope he's right."
I snubbed my cigarette and walked inside to escape the sun's blinding light
They were walking out of the back room and I asked "Anyone want to burn?
I need to be at another height."
I heard cheers all around so I got to work on rolling
As I was working on getting the blunt properly aligned
I thought 'Maybe this green will help put a stop to the thoughts still strolling
through the back of my mind.'
Flicked the Bic and toasted the L
I lit up and my stress level instantly fell
My nose suddenly filled with that familiar smell
My shoulders relaxed and my throat began to dry
A smile appeared across my face, "Damn,' I said "I love being high"
I put the L in rotation and even Pops wanted a hit
"Wow," he said choking on his words "You kids found some good shit."
"Always Pops," Kate said giggling "It's either good or it's not around"
I smiled and said "We don't puff that shitty weed. It's gotta be blowing, hands down."
Pops chuckled "You kids are a mess. Try not to get pulled over with that green.
Pigs out here are always watching and pretty mean."
"Don't worry, we'll be careful. And I promise I'll drive clean."
We pilled in the rental after all the hugs were given and the hands were shook
As we were turning out of the parking lot I gave Pops one last look
His normally calm smile was replaced with a stern glare
His eyes seemed to connect with mine and told me to beware
"Not all those who wander are lost."

Casual toker
Casual toker
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Re: One Time in Roswell (Unfinished)

Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:57 pm

Hopefully I'll have this will finished within the next month. Wish me luck guys XD
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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