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Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:03 pm

Flying High, back on the grind
Where is my mind?
Somewhere far, far behind
Floating towards Neverland, where dreams come true
High Flyer General, just enjoying the view
Swimming through the breeze
Let these L's be the keys
To unlock your heart, release your soul
Know they're nice and tight, got my license to roll
Wondering where the hell is a light
The kush'll leave you coughing like you lived through the Dust Bowl
Smiling like I just bicycle-kicked a goal
Over the keeper's head to the back of the net
Got a chip on my shoulder, you haven't seen anything yet
Miracles in my hands, ready to do wonders
Knowing I'll have my fair share of blunders
Plenty of mistakes to make
A few more hearts to break
More tragedy more pain, but I hope for my sake
I never stop moving forward
Till there's no place that hasn't been explored
Till there's nothing that I can't afford
Till every possible point has been scored
When I've bested this life I'll accept my reward
Rest, peaceful rest
Till then I'll take on every test
With open eyes and closed fists
Knowing this life is full of plot holes and many twists
But if you pay attention you'll learn the true meaning
Off all the evil convening
And conspiring against your success
The true reason behind all the pain and stress
Is because our struggles teach us necessary lessons
So forget your improper first impressions
Relax your mind and open your third eye
We'll fly away to a place where there is no one else nearby
To Neverland, where dreams come true
No limit to the heights we can pursue
Grab my hand, we'll fly away without further ado
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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