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Casual toker
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Post by Paperclip420 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:46 am

Got one lit and another already rolled
Fucking pothead, I know you've been told
So I shouldn't have to explain
The reasons why I fuck with Mary Jane
She's so sweet to me, my candy cane
She'll never let me go, ball and chain
Coughing like I'm sick,
know the true meaing of pain and gain
Chilling with your chick
Soaring through the night like Mr. Wayne
All without a fucking cape
Doesn't matter the device: blunt, bong, joint, or vape
So flip a quarter or roll the dice
Hurry up bitch, shouldn't have to tell you twice
I don't give a shit as long as I'm getting high
So I better not hear you question why
I do the things I do
Loving this wonderful view
In the stars, so far above the bullshit
So grab this, take you a hit
And ascend to my level
A true daredevil
Unafraid of these excessive heights
On my Evel shit, just enjoying the sights
Everyday taking 3 or 4 flights
Telling all these pussies "Blaze Up"
All you hear is maybes and I mights
But fuck that I do, and will burn till the day I die
When I will no longer need Mary's help to fly
I'll get wings made of feathers
And give back my ones made of smoke
Rolling trees, they avoid these green leaves like poison oak
Puffing this good shit till I go broke
This loud will scramble your brain like an egg yolk
So wake up and smell the weed
Never tapping out, that's my code and my creed
So much from such a little seed
My mouth and my mind have been freed
No longer constrained by sobriety and society's hand
I'm a daredevil, high-flyer
Don't even ask why, you wouldn't understand
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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