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Casual toker
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Post by Paperclip420 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:28 pm

Eyes barely open, I'm in a daze
Already know, All I do is blaze
Smoking on this reefer, that good bud
A high-class chiefer, burning's in my blood
Daddy was a pothead, and his father before
All of us loved Ms. Mary and kept coming to her for more
A ganja connoisseur with a thirst for knowledge
To never fall in line, that's my pledge
Always in the stars, keeping an eye on the moon
Just give me a little gas
And I'll drift up, up, and away like a ballon
Grab my hand, you can come along
Be prepared, it's only gonna be that strong
Puffing on this wonderful tree
Hope you're ready for the journey
We'll go as far as Ms. Mary will take us
Two first class tickets on the puff bus
All buckled up, strapped in tight
Just gotta find the bic and we'll be ready for flight
Found the fire and I'm ready to ignite
I see the flame and hear the engines roar
I smile because we're about to soar
Getting high, telling stupid stories
Reminiscing in the stars, laughing at old memories
Burning down with good company
My mind's in perfect harmony
With the world around me
Thanks to a little plant,
And a crazy bitch named Ms. Mary
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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