Dragon's Breath

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Dragon's Breath

Post by Paperclip420 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:50 pm

Puffing on this loud, floating on the clouds
Smoking green that'd make the Ganja Gods proud
Completely out of it, so fucking high
You don't know anything about it,
Swimming through the sky
Gonna fire up another, ascending higher
Loud pack singing like a choir
Walking around smelling like a fully engulfed fire
Burning down everything I see
Every time I roll up gotta blaze two or three
Constantly consuming mass quantities of the herb
Definitely not that mediocre, I'm blazing superb
Need proof, take you a hit
Know I already got another blunt lit
One ready to go, stay equipped
Thought you should know
Get out of rotation and you'll be skipped
Sorry man, that's just how it is
My green's more fire than his
So she's smoking with me
Love my get-togethers with her and Ms. Mary
Straight fucking stoner chick
Absolutely perfect
Beautiful as hell with those low eyes
Laughing as we traverse the skies
This good weed giving us wiiings
Smoking like queens and kings
This royal bud, reserved for the highest class
Grab the L, too high to pass
Dragon's Breath, its that pure fire
Always in the clouds, we're some high flyers

The title of this rhyme comes from a strain I smoked recently with some friends at Auburn University. I was the fucking highest I've ever been so I had to write about the experience.
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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