Grew Up

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Grew Up

Post by Paperclip420 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:47 pm

Just shook myself out of a weed coma
Passed out off that green with the strong aroma
Had a wonderful pipe dream
Went back to when I was 16
When I was finishing my first homemade bong
Back then I only occasionally fucked with that strong
But I loved to fire it up from time to time
Used to live from dime to dime
Back then a 10 sack would last a week
And I remember all those times I had to sneak
Around the house and try to hide
My little habit, but now with pride
I show off all my exploits, everything I've done
Learned a long time ago life's about having fun
So I'm gonna smoke my pot, drink my drink
No one's ever gonna change the way I think
But I remember when I was afraid to try
Smoking weed, honestly I was afraid to get high
Because I was always told smoking was a sin
It was where a life of drugs would begin
It was immoral, that only evil people smoked
And that's what I thought until the first time I toked
Not until I actually tried this thing called Marijuana
Did I find my Heaven on earth, my nirvana
It took me to a place I'd never seen
All from a little plant that smelled kinda funny and was green
I liked Mary from the start
Little did I know I'd fall in love, she'd steal my heart
Never really saw it coming all those years ago
That everyday now I'd have some of the strong to blow
Now a dime gets blazed every session
Rolling blunts to perfection
And I'm smoking more than I ever thought I would
Hell used to be fine just puffing okay
Now it's mandatory I only smoke that good
Guess I grew up, got old
Now the bowl never goes cold
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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