Fire It Up

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Fire It Up

Post by Paperclip420 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:42 am

Got the L rolled, gotta find my Bic
Chilling off in the backwoods with a little pothead chick
A dope ass bitch who loves to burn down
Puffing on this strong shit with a powerful sound
Had to find some fire shit cuz she says she only smokes loud
Says she doesn't touch the mid, and she owns a high tolerance
I just laugh knowing this shit's gonna put her in a trance
She doesn't know whats she's getting into being around my ass
Somebody better tell her it's that gas
She smelled it as soon as she opened the door
One puff and she won't be on planet Earth anymore
Feet off the floor, mind's in space
I can tell she's high from the smile on her face
And how low her eyes are
Can't see through the smoke in the car
It's foggy as fuck in the hotbox
THC flowing from her long hair down to her fuzzy socks
Through every vein and capillary
She's high as fuck courtesy of Ms. Mary
Mary doesn't give a fuck who you are, she loves everyone
All she wants is to chill and have some fun
Kicking back with a few L's and some good people
Flying through the clouds, soaring like an eagle
Had to light an L just for my people in Colorado puffing on that Legal
Not that synthetic bullshit, it's that real
We finally did it, us potheads no longer have to conceal
Our habit, it all seems surreal
But they're selling this shit out of stores
I applaud everyone for their efforts, they're helping open so many doors
Now let's concentrate on getting legalization to spread
Anyone else want to see it legalized across the country before they're dead?
Yeah me too, let's get this shit done
A couple states down, but the fight has only just begun
"Not all those who wander are lost."

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