red dead redemption

Which do you play - on which platforms?

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Re: red dead redemption

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Did you call MS support yet ? They should replace those cables, you can't buy them separately (the ones delivered with your console anyway)

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Re: red dead redemption

Post by Ikku »

OK so I'm super far behind. I played this a little at my friend's whenever it first came out and it seemed OK, but at that point I wasn't too interested, I was probably too busy with Mass Effect 2. After beating that piece of crap LA Noire, it did at least get me in the mood for some GOOD free roaming sandbox play. So I figured I'd pick this up, the price is cheap enough, and the reviews are all excellent.

WOW. This game is incredible! And the ending was so heart wrenching! Unlike the similar ending of LA Noire, this time I actually cared. John Marston is such an awesome character, I don't like playing as Jack. I left a save with John so I can still free roam as him. I also played a bit online with my friends, that is also super fun! And I got Undead Nightmare too, I'll be cracking into that soon enough.

All in all, definitely the best game Rockstar ever produced, and possibly the best gaming experience I've ever had.
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