do or don't (go on a roller coaster)

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Have you gone on any amusement ride high or stoned or tripping?

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Re: do or don't (go on a roller coaster)

Post by weedguru_waffles »

lol at the guy on foot coasting. I don't even know what to call that haha.

I think this picture explains exactly how I'd feel if I went on that coaster hahaha.


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s†☼nër bi†ch
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Re: do or don't (go on a roller coaster)

Post by andriaSRH »

I don't do roller coasters. Just the sight of the super high ones make me nauseous. I can't stand that feeling of regret and doom as I slowly inch up the track..and that clicking noise they all make...ehhhh. I'll stay on the ground, thank ya very much. 8)

I'll most likely go to six flags this year stoned. Should be a good time. I just hate the drive's about 4 hours.

The Iron Lungs of Wales!
The Iron Lungs of Wales!
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Re: do or don't (go on a roller coaster)

Post by Certified-Nutter »

man i love rollercoasters and i love it stoned too
they are just awesome, ur moving fast, barely held in and going upside down (a rollercoaster isnt really worth it without upside-down-ness)
man went to a couple of european theme parks stoned, they had some awesome rollercoasters (Y)
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Re: do or don't (go on a roller coaster)

Post by giraffes »

:bonghit: i am quite a fan of those spinning swing rides, where you go in the air and start flying around in the swing, you feel like you are floating :) me and my friends got kicked off of that ride at canada's wonderland, we were laughing to much, and couldent figure out how the locking thingy worked :bonghit:
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