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Re: Snowboarding!

Post by Smokew33d » Tue May 15, 2007 7:22 pm

m3tal wrote:I'm gonna be snowboarding with my mom and my friend. My moms anti weed and all that so I'm gonna cook up some of that olive oil-weed stuff and put it on yogurt...

Do you all think this a good idea to go snowboarding high? Its gonna be fricking kickass I think, but I just wanna hear from someone whos done it before... Mmmm. It will be so fun, havent been this year.
I snowboarded like 3-4 this winter while stoned and it was everything i wanted it to be lol. But don't expect ur coordination or balance to be very good. ooo and also; try not to make any really stupid decisions like hitting that 30ft jump. Good luck :D
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