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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Wed Feb 01, 2006 5:21 am

Welcome to our worldwide music review thread that is open to any type of music reviews, wether it be by track, album, or artist. Hopefully we can get reviews from all different walks of life and genres. I listen to many different types of music and will try to make my reviews as varied as I can. Let us know what you like about the music, how it makes you feel, or what it means to you.

The Weedgurus will give reviews on the music they enjoy and i hope other members will contribute as well. If you have a review e-mail it to me at or PM it to me.


(as the Doc is no longer a mod, any reviews that you wish to contribute to the revered Ears of Weedguru, please direct them to or send me a PM. ANimal)
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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Wed Feb 01, 2006 9:14 am

Album: Seven’s Travels
Artist: Atmosphere
Track List
1. History
2. Trying To Find A Balance
3. Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know
4. Reflections
5. Gotta Lotta Walls
6. The Keys To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame
7. Apple
8. Suicidegirls
9. Jason
10. Cats Van Bags
11. Los Angeles
12. Lifter Puller
13. Shoes
14. National Disgrace
15. Denvolmolorado
16. Liqour Lyles Cool Junky
17. Good Times (Sick Pimpin')
18. In My Continental
19. Always Coming Back Home To You

The group Atmosphere consists of Slug, Ant, and DJ Mr. Dibbs. If you aren’t familiar with Slug he is a rapper from Minneapolis who also goes by the name Sean Daley. This was the first atmosphere record that I ever purchased, I thought they were great before from listening to individual songs but once I heard the way their tracks came together album I fell I fell in love.

The beats are great and unique to the Atmosphere sound. It is very mixed up with hip-hop beats thrown in with some rock and drum beats then twisted by Dibbs. Overall the rhythm of the music does an amazing job at furthering the meaning of the lyrics and in a way setting the ‘atmosphere’ for what is being said.

Throughout the track he does a great job of portraying life on the road while facing the every day struggles of a modern man. In track 14. National Disgrace, he gives his thoughts about American culture and what is glorified by the people. He concludes the album by sending out the message of “there’s no place like home” and no matter what you may dislike about your hometown it has its own place in your heart.
“Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us ... those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!”
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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Thu Feb 02, 2006 4:59 am

Album: Morning View
Artist: Incubus
Genre: Rock
Release: 2001

Track List:
1.Nice to know you
3.Wish you were here
4.Just a phase
6.Blood on the ground
10.Have you ever
11.Are you in?
12.Under my umbrella
13.Aqueous Transmission

The first time I heard this album was when I would work nights at a golf course as a cart boy. A friend lent me the CD and told me I would love it. So once everyone was gone I got my bubbler and went off in my golf cart to collect all the flags. The weed, the music, and the black of night was consuming, by the 5th track I was amazed by the music and clarity of meaningful lyrics. The next day I went out and bought my own copy.

This is Incubus’ fifth album and has a different theme to their other albums. The rock beats are relaxed but not toned down. They scream when they need to but never when you expect it they are everything but predictable. This album cannot be mentioned without paying tribute to the last track of the album ‘Aqueous Transmission’ a slower song that sends the listener into another world a peace, nature, and melody. Impressive lyricist, a great DJ, an even better band will keep incubus on the scene for a lot longer than the 12 years they have already contributed to music.

This is an older album but it still holds a great place in my heart hence I thought I would make it an addition to the weedguru music archive.

“Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us ... those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!”
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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Sat Feb 04, 2006 2:23 am

Album: Sublime
Artist: Sublime
Genre: Reggae/Punk/Rock--Ska
Year: 1996
Track List:
1. Garden Grove
2. What I Got
3. Wrong Way
4. Same in the End
5. April 29, 1992 (Miami)
6. Santeria
7. Seed
8. Jailhouse
9. Pawn Shop
10. Paddle Out
11. Ballad of Johnny Butt
12. Burritos
13. Under my Voodoo
14. Get Ready
15. Caress Me Down
16. What I Got(reprise)
17. Doin’ Time

Sublime is by far the best Sublime album and one of my favorite album and definitely my most listened to. When I hear the album it takes me back through childhood experiences and time spent smoking weed and skipping school to go to the beach. I would say the at least 40% of my life spent avoiding sobriety, involved this CD playing in the background. Even when I hear it know I can still recite every song line for line. It is difficult for me to pick out songs because I like them all equally, but I use to prefer track 1-7 while drinking and 8-17 while toking up.

"Miami" has a special spot in my heart and "Under my Voodoo" is a great Hendrix remake. While the topic of the songs cover a broad spectrum of topics, from disturbed women and riot looting to pawn shops and black magic. Their unique sound is a mix of dance, metal, and reggae.

Unfortunately this will most likely be their last album due to the death of Brad Nowell. Although Sublime will never be the same, this album will always hold a place in my heart and I can never forget the times enjoyed while listening to it.
R.I.P. Bradley Nowell (February 22, 1968- May 25, 1996)

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“Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us ... those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!”
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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:33 pm

Album: Labor Days
Artist: Aesop Rock
Genre: Rap
Track List:
3.Save yourself
5.No regrets
6.One Brick
7.Tugboat complex pt.3
11.Bent Life
12.The yes and the y’all
13.9-5ers anthem

I recently saw Aesop Rock live, trying to keep track of his fast lyrics will literally knock you on your ass especially after you’ve smoked a few blunts. Aesop takes his name from the philosopher who was famous for the fables that he wrote, Aesop Rock uses a similar story telling style in his music and his analogies and symbolism are provokers of thought.

When he released this album he still held a job hence the “9-5ers anthem” where he gives his thoughts about the exploitation of someone trying to make a dollar when he says:
I'll sacrifice my inborn tendencies
For copper pennies for one commanding "Gimme that"
Then “no regrets” he tells the story of a girl who lived the most fulfilling of life by just focusing on the accomplishments of her dreams.

If you like complex lyrics with deep meaning that intertwines rhythm, flow, and beat you will enjoy this album.
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“Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us ... those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!”
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Post by Dr. Greenthumb » Thu Apr 06, 2006 5:30 am

Album: The Mouse and the Mask
Artist: Danger Doom (DJ Dangermouse and MF Doom)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Track List:
3. THE MASK feat ghostface killah
5. BENZIE BOX feat cee-lo

DJ Dangermouse is a musical genious, he is one of the few people who is able to lay down a consistent theme and feel through an entire album. In The Mouse and the Mask he is able to combine beats, bass, and special effects to achieve a vintage cartoon feel. Something that many DJ's arent creative enough to mix together.

But beats and breaks aren't enough to bring together an entire album if the lyrics aren't up to par. Don't worry MF Doom steps up, and does what he does best, gives lyrical beauty and rythm to something which many would find completely random. He is a powerful wordsmith with a specialty of "unconventional" hip-hop topics, others try but no one can pull it together like MF Doom.

This time the theme is cartoons, specifically those from Adult Swim (Carton Network begins at 10:30). Don't get me wrong my love for Adult Swim definitely has something to do with my thoughts of this album but that doesn't change the fact that the Danger Doom collaberation makes for a great tribute to these late night cartoons.

Cartoons dedicated to those with a random sense of humor, the same type of humor that is prevalent among many stoners. So come out and show your support for Adult Swim and the culture that acommpanies it.

PS. pay close attention and you might learn of an interesting way to make gunpowder.

“Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us ... those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!”
-Charlie Kelly

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Post by weedguru_animal » Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:46 am


It was three years ago when I first heard MF Grimm(aka GM Grimm, Jet Jaguar and Percy Carey) rhyme on a track with MF Doom which was/is called The Original. Despite my previous obsession with dave Dumile’s lyrical and production skills(mainly operation Doomsday and King Gheedorah albums) , the metal faced villain is fast becoming a middle man..between me and Grimm. This is due to the sincerity, heart and sheer presence of Mr Carey’s delivery...Whereas MF Doom has blatantly cut through his own musical roots to the extent that $$ issues have destroyed friendships, Grimm has stayed loyal to not only his peers but also himSelf. I hate to say it but the last 18 months has almost forced me to label MF Doom as a fallen star..He still has talent, but the company he keeps is Wrong... Anyway, back to a better Man....

Percy Carey (Grimm) is a New York native who has hiphop flowing through his blood as much as or maybe more so than oxygen..The early nineties saw the young wordsmith spitting his raw truth alongside Kool G Rap, The Gravediggaz, KMD (whose members included dave Dumile and his brother who was later to die in a car accident) and Kurious Jorge. Now in today’s world of wannabe gangsters on both sides of the mike, where fans and ‘artists’ alike revel in the shallowness found in the glorification of guns, ho’s and drug-dealing, I must be careful. Because Grimm led the gangster life, through necessity not choice. On the night of the World Supremacy Emcee Championships in 1993, Grimm was involved in a gunfight in which he shot a man dead....The reasons for the killing were drug-deal related (I think) but the gravity of taking a man’s life wasn’t enough to deter the emcee from giving his all in the Supremacy battle, which a few hours later he darkened with in the understandably grievous rhymes..Perhaps he came second in that comp. Not sure.. Lets move on.

More star-studded performances followed in late 93 and 94 up until the point when Grimm was shot- several times- in another drugdeal gone wrong. The attack left him deafened, blinded and paralysed from the neck down but the sheer tenacity of the man now referred to as Grand Master Grimm was seemingly enough to defy the doctors by recovering to a point where only his legs remained unusable i.e. the other functions were reclaimed, and thank God for that because even while lying in the hospital bed Grimm wrote a few more tracks which to me will always stick out as HIP HOP CLASSICS...To add to the ‘fuck Im dying’ feeling that Grimm couldn’t escape whilst lying in his hospital bed, his memory had remained sharp enough to offer knowledge of his best mate’s death, who had caught too many bullets(in the same gun battle) and passed to the next world.

Scars and Memories is a collection of Grimm’s best work from the nineties.. Bloody love letters and the title track Scars & memories were written whilst in hospital... What I respect the most about every one of the tracks on this album is the mixture of knowledge, talent, sincerity and emotion that Grimm can’t help but emit with every verse of sometimes eloquent but more often simple rhyme/truth. Throughout the album the listener is treated to short but powerful interviews which help to explain Grimm’s history and position.. The best of these ‘chit=chats’ is by far the ‘getting shot interview’... which I believe should be played to all kids in the US..this whole album should be played to everyone with ears...Force some proper hiphop down the ear canals and straight into the minds of all those 50 cent fans. But maybe they wouldn’t enjoy Mf Grimm because he speaks sense not nonsense....

Track Listing:
1. Grand Master interview
2. Take em to war (original version)
3. Manhattan intrerview
4. King of New york
5.Get down
6.HipHop interview
7.So watchawant
8.Gettin shot interview
9.Bloody love letter
10.Comrade interview
11.Scars and Memories
12.Percy Carey interview
14.In the End
16.Mf Grimm interview
17.The Original
18.Wack Emcees
19.Do it for the Kids

My personal favourites on this album are So watcha Want, Scars and Memories and In the End, which all rank not only as classics of the hiphop genre but of music/sound/art in general.
There are no bad tracks on S & M. It is without any doubt one of my favourite albums of all time and you would be a fool not to at least check it out.......

Mf Doom used to be par of a group called KMD. After the release of their second album KMD lost Doom brother, who was killed by a car. The death sent the young Doom into seclusion for a while which ended when Grimm took him under his wise and protective wing.
They aren’t on friendly terms now despite the paternal role Grim has played in Doom’s evolution as an artist and man. The reasons for this are petty $$ issues between Doom and his old group, the Grimm created Monster Island Czars and also a line in a recent Doom track which mocked his former loved ones/music partners....

The downfall of Ibyllis album, another grim offering, was recorded in 24 hours whilst the emcee was on day release from jail...

Mr Carey continues to run his Day by Day label which groups together/promotes new talent and offers a vessel to carry Grimm’s new words to the hard-core fans..

‘This materialistic world, is there any kinda hope..
Will catholics, ever, have a black pope’‘

‘God, Why is my might nation lost?
Why you let Jesus Christ be put on the cross?
Why is my people poor and all so sore?
And how I all I see funeral homes and liquor stores??

Why did you let the indians get used and abused,
why did you let hitler crucify all the jews?’


Let the King do his thing,
don’t give me no hassle
the streets is my throne,
New York is my castle


an extract from an interview with Grimm, 2002-

T.JONES: “How would you be making a living if you were not making music?”MF GRIMM: “Selling drugs and killing people or getting killed by rival drug dealers. Doing something that would damage my race & hip-hop look bad in the eyes of the media. Something ignorant because I thought it was the way to be.”

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Post by weedguru_animal » Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:06 pm

mR liF - Mo Mega

I have been a huge fan /disciple of Mr. Lif since 2002 when I first felt his phenomenal talent. The track that got me hooked was called ‘Madness in a cup’ and I would fiercely advise you all to seek it out, roll a joint of good quality bud, turn the speakers up, spark the J, then hit play. A heavy routine to type but easier to follow in practice.

I am a walking advert for Mr. Lif because his name figures prominently on the personalized cap that at times seems glued to my head, or is that just an indication that it is high time I purchased shampoo? Let the gods decide that one. As for this emcee, I consider him to be one of the most amazing human beings on the planet, and certainly a contender for ‘most skilful wordsmith’ , ‘ Most devastating flow’ and ‘the living artist who has influenced me the most(as opposed to the dead, whose influence often extends past the grave)’. Lif’s strengths are sincerity, vision and awe-inspiring flow.

Emergency Rations and I Phantom are two albums of stunning quality, but the LP in my sights for this potentially unhinged ‘Ears of Weedguru Review’ is Mr. Lif’s most recent offering: Mo Mega.

Track 1-
Collapse--->El-p’s beats are typically mechanical, and border-line monstrous, but in the final analysis, they work well with the slow monotone delivery of the man on the mike…..

Track 2
Ultra Mega--> The loop is easy on the eardrums, the bell evokes memories of Dj Premier,
Lif is cocky but sounds wicked nonetheless.

Track 3
Brother----> Now he is warming up,…. ‘fact 3, the bush administration is worth nothing, just fuk them, throw em in a barrel, buck em’….and ‘how could colonized minds, reach such uncivilized minds?, maybe the tribes were harmonious, and you were erroneous’….a fucking classic…..El-P backs up Lif’s heavy-handed onslaught with a proud, forceful, damn fine set of beats…..

Track 4-
The Fries-worlds greatest mass murders, entertainment for all living observers, you probably watch it while you’re eating some burgers, go ahead and gobble the lies, here’s the fries…….’. The frenetic loop that kicks in on 2mins and 7 secs on the display hit my senses like a jackhammer….’america is run by the few, by the chosen’….A guitar pours an extra litre of energy into the final 90 seconds of this unforgettable gem.

Track 5
Take, Hold, Fire-->As the title suggests, not the most heart-warming song you could find,if you searched with any effort, but more than worthy of a listen. The DJ brings us straight back to the metal works factory……’it’s the path we forgotten, lost in our heads, and I know they’re listening so PM fuck the feds’…roars Lif……who is followed by Aesop Rock and EL-P. Overly Teutonic. Reminded me of the German football team, which is never good for a Brit…

Track 6
Murs iz my manager--> party-time….Jolly, bouncing, jazzy sounds from El-P intertwine seamlessly with Lif and heavy-weight Murs who is the real Star of this track.
..’yeh, I had to tell the ladies to chill, I won four Grammies from the strength of my will……that’s when I pull out my blade, and start slashin, just my way to say FUCK HIGH FASHION’………Lif goes to the Grammies, but he ends up slaughtering a bunch of the guests…..superb storyline which is narrated with panache and spirit by the rapper(Lif) and his agent (Murs).….

Track 7
Wash it up->The most appropriate comment I can make about this great sounding, but unpleasant meaning, track is ‘the emcee displays his useful versatility’…

Track 8
Long Distance-> Lif finally finds the fertile earth in which to plant his seeds of desire, but yearns to reduce the geographical divide….Nothing special…

Track 9
Mo Mega- >Better. Perceptionist colleague, Akrobatik attacks from the off without hesitation ‘unifying through a universal language, in common goals of freedom and escape from the anguish’……The often told, and in this case colorfully explained, story of the rapper coming from obscurity to rise prodigiously to the pinnacle of his trade….

Track 10
Look in-> Back into the darkness…A son’s heartfelt message to a long absent father….. Emotive, chilling beats and spine-tingling vocals.……

Track 11
For You-->> a father’s lament for a better future and sorrowful present…touching lines from Lif, which give rise to worrying wonder at the potential joy and hardship of fatherhood..

This long awaited second full solo LP is enough to satisfy, but not delight my Lif receptors . I am not keen- in any way- on Wash it up or Long Distance, not due to the production or rhymes but solely because of the content. Brothaz, Fries, Murs iz my manager and For You are all wicked tracks which I will be playing at near full volume on the headphones that connect to my desktop at work…In some ways I feel like a child let down by one of his favourite heroes, because I was hoping for a return to the feel and sound of Wanted, Phantom, and Live from the plantation..but alas, it was not be be, though I can understand how and why(from an economic perspective) this album is intended to appeal to more than just the die-hard idealistic wannabe revolutionaries who look to Lif for leader-ship, direction and inspiration….Though I prefer I Phantom as a one-piece Lif offering, Mo’ Mega is more than enjoyable and I recommend it strongly to anyone with a fully functioning mind...

AnimAl RatINg:

The Peak:>>>> 2 mins 7 secs into Fries.
The Slump>>>>>Anywhere in Long Distance.

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bluePRINT - 1988

Post by weedguru_animal » Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:16 pm


The first I heard of Blueprint was his work alongside RJD2 on the Soul Position album, Unlimited. That EP was a wicked taster of what was to come and as far as 5-track efforts go, it ranks as one of my favourite musical outings. The SP full length effort, 8000000 stories has a few standout tracks such as Survival, No excuse for lovin, and Inhale. But personally I prefer Blueprint’s solo effort, 1988, if I am to choose what I consider to be his best one-piece work (so far).

I met the man in that magic summer of 2003 when everything in my life seemed to be nearing perfection. He was accompanying my old idol, Slug, on a rhymesayers tour of Duty, which thankfully took in brixton, UK. After the show, which was by far the most enjoyable live musical event I have had the pleasure of attending, I spoke to the supremely talented Mr Blueprint. He listened intently to my praise and heartily accepted a small dedication rhyme I had composed-on paper- for him and Mr Daley(slug). The big man had an intense gaze to match his wonderful flow and lyrical prowess, and perhaps to show gratitude for my cognac/skunk affected dedication, he signed my ticket : ‘thanks for the support, dave….Blueprint’. Which was a lovely, human gesture, that I still appreciate to this day and hour, more than 3 years later.

Blueprint produces and emcees. I can’t say for sure if I think he is more in his element when making beats or hitting the notes with sublime, devastatingly delivered rhyme. Either way he has my respect, both as a man and as an artist…So onto the album proper….


The album begins with a banger called ‘anything is possible’ which outlines BP’s mission to become the accomplished musician we see before us on the mic today. Clever lyrics over a hard hitting loop make this a powerful entrance.
Hot on it’s heels comes the title track ‘1988’ complete with an easy on the ear beat pattern and wistful lyrics that take us back to the era which started BP’s love of the genre.
The next track ‘inner city native son’ is the story of a typical kid ‘raised by the gun’ and the streets… ‘he was force fed pop culture, watching in silence, talk shows, curse words, sex and violence…just an inner city native son, never learned to wait, taught to take it and run’…(Which doesn’t have particularly addictive sounds to accompany BP’s sincere, typically flowing, narration.)

Now we get onto a track which shows The Man’s more comical side and his ability to bounce rhymes off beats like one of those rubber balls you play with as a kid. The content, of ‘Tramp’, is not about vagrancy(me). ‘I can’t deal with you acting fake, get out my face you scandalous snake’..Yes, this is the story of an untrustworthy, loose legged, woman, brought to life in tune and verse. Wicked work. Great samples laced together by a man who understands both music and overly promiscuous women.

Boombox’ is the weakest track on the album, but I won’t devalue the rest of this review by going into detail. Especially because it is followed by the crazy impressive ‘trouble on my mind’ which is one of my favourite BP songs of history to date.:>
and everybody’s still looking at me, because I took the lead, and taught them to believe, tried to maximize what my crew could be’ and
another good album with bad distribution,
another 100 magazines my albums not reviewed in’

He says he has trouble on his mind, but I suggest instead that in his dome lies wisdom and talent in abundance….Quality.

lo fi funk’ offers old skool beats with a touch of unique BP spice and adequate rhymes. Nothing special except for ‘I hate most commercial rap and the labels that selling it, almost as much as I hate the president’. He is rarely useless. Worth a pop.

I have a problem with fat people. Unless they can prove, preferably by doctors certificate, that they are unable to live without fat, they tend to make me angry. As pretentious as it sounds, I strongly believe that gluttony is dispicable. Anyway, this isn’t a window into my cynical nature…And before I alienate all readers of slightly dubious weight I will mention that this track is about those ladies who simply eat too much or way too little. Well hooked beats with intelligent lines to boot.
I got my mind on my money, and my money on your food, cos if I don’t take you out to eat, you get an attitude’

For beatbox fans ‘fresh’ will no doubt quicken the pulse. And to be honest, though I lack interest in the obvious skills needed for producing rhythm through organic means alone, I do enjoy BP’s words, as per usual.

Out of the last few tracks, ‘kill me first’ is the most gratifying and technically clever. ‘Liberated’ is dark but poignant. And ‘wheres your girl at’ is the least worth mentioning.

Overall, this is a collection of admirable pedigree, which showcases Blueprint’s skills as a producer and emcee.
Highly recommended ..

(Other tracks by BP which you will be glad you found and absorbed: Alchemy, No Half Smokin, and as mentioned at the start of this review; all of Soul Position’s Unlimited EP)

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Post by Weedguru Cusmar » Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:45 pm

Winner of best musical Podcast 2006
The Hospital Records Podcast


In 1996 Chris Goss and Tony Colman started Producing tunes on their own label Hospital. Anyone thats ever listened to a Drum and Bass set, or been to a rave would have heard a tune from the Hospital Records Archive. Which after 10 years has become one of the biggest record labels in drum and bass. Under their belt they hold (IMO) some of the best releases in drum and bass and music from the last decade as a whole. With a mainly liquid, soulful, jazzy flavour to the records i find it hard to believe anyone could dismiss these tunes as samey sounding, repetative, drugged up music in the same way that alot of todays drum and bass gets dimissed.
I imagine that its the original style that has persuaded so many people to attend The labels residancy nights "Hospitality" at some of the biggest clubs in London, brixton (the town i live in) edinburough and believe it or not Tokyo where they are very big. The artists are some of the most traveled touring MC's dj's and producers in the world as far as dnb is concerned, which means they definately know what tunes make the dancefloors of the world go sick, including tunes from their own label and bangers form other labels and countries just to mix up the style a bit.
With this in mind i persuade anyone who is a big fan of DnB, anyone who has ever listened to it and enjoyed it slightly and just people with a wide taste looking for something new to listen to Tony Colmans reguarly updated podcast. Tony Colman was the man behind it all ten years ago. He is also frontman and main songwriter for the band London Elektricity, one fo the first bands to attempt live drum and bass from which they've have achieved regular live dates and several high selling albums and dubplates. London Elektricity is also the name of Tony Colman as a DJ, one of the finest in the genre, so the tune selection is brilliant.
The latest one is a full set about an hour long from London Elektricity With Wrec on the mic a wicked MC from my hometown that doesn't have the rudeboy atitude of most of the MC's out there. His flow is brilliant and he does a great job of keeping the set rolling.
There are 19 casts in total including more sets of the same quality, interviews, and videos of the labels tours and gigs across the globe. So if you like number 19 you will enjoy the others easily as much.
So roll a spliff and let some of the finest sounding original drum and bass blow you away.

Tony Colman A.K.A. London Elektricity

MC Wrec

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Mf Grimm - American Hunger

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MF Grimm is a King. A man of impeccable integrity, undeniable talent and the kind of flow that can only be given to a mortal by the God of rhyme himself. I have been a growing fan of Percey Carey (aka GM Grimm aka MF Grimm), since hearing him on the tick-tock track with neo-sellout cunt, Mf Doom. I have already made one error-ridden attempt at outlining the life to date of Grimm and now is not the time to do that task adequate justice because I am well into my Kronenberg and just able only to relate how special this album is, not the whole Grimm story. But then again… I do feel the need to add a small amount of background info, however awkward it comes across in this inebriated state. Because Mr. Carey has killed, he has been shot and imprisoned, he has educated himself; ultimately managing to reduce a life sentence to a handful of years and he has found belief. Not just in himself and life, but in a God and in the better, rarer side of humanity, which he actively encourages people to build on and develop. Power of Self is endemic in everything he does, every rhyme he composes and delivers.
In today’s world of gun totting emcees rapping to the kids about how cool it is to pack heat, how much respect a man can gain through dealing drugs and maintaining a cackle of hoes, Grimm is like a beacon of decency, sincerity and wisdom. He has lived The Life, come through it minus the use of his legs. And now he feels-and I agree with him 100%- that his destiny is to spread knowledge and sublime rhyme to anyone able to hear his words.

American Hunger comprises of 60 tracks spread evenly over 3 CDs. As much as I love to write I can’t possibly produce a track by track guide. Because that would deter the average reader from enduring this review in its totality. So, with that thought firmly in mind, I reckon the best job will be to bring to your attention the instant classics from each CD.

When faith is lost. A beautiful song outlining Grimm’s dedication to his lady. Hard for me to put into better words than the man himself has already done…Wicked easy going beats coupled with the main man’s simple yet potent amorous storytelling.
‘we were made for each other, that is clear,
you are the reason why I am still here…’
Right there and Yes or No are quality and prepare the listener for the delicate onslaught on the emotions of The Trees; which is a track capable of melting the heart of the hardest G, the coldest Scrooge, the most savage Despot….
In terms of flow, Still my Love takes the top spot from this set of 20 from King Grimm.
A Mother’s heart brings to life in word the horrific story of a lad who fucked over the wrong crowd…While Street General relates the poverty and harshness of the streets, the oppression- which comes from the top- and the racism prevalent in modern-day America.

CD 2.
Fuck You- Driving beats like thunder in the night create the perfect backdrop to Grimm’s aggressive but wicked sounding chest beating. Another artist spitting these same rhymes would sound arrogant and annoyingly boastful but the lyrics in this track erupt from Grimm’s larynx like repeated blasts from a sawn off 9 gauge. Quality.
Dark Skies- Delicate, emotive guitar loops. Mix with refreshingly poignant poetry from Nate Denver while the protagonist nods his head in preparation, waiting to steal the limelight, which after Nate finishes with a flurry, he does, by adding robust vitality to Denver’s clever scene setting efforts…
‘deaf on the poor taken as a joke,
The President’s retarded and he’s sniffing coke..’
Bashton the Invizable man announces his presence with style to herald the end of this beautifully crafted piece of music.
I Love You- Brotherhood, trust, loyalty and treason are all explored in this powerful lament of Grimm’s former life hustling on the streets. A tried and tested theme in this genre but the words don’t feel contrived, they come out the speakers honestly and with gusto.
Agony- Nate Denver constructs several wise verses over relaxed, flowing beats before passing the mike over to my COmmander in CHief Mr Grimm.
Crazy, It’s no secret, Things I’ve Said and Teacher are also amazing.

Adam and Eve- ‘fuck the clan, or any man,
Who hide behind politics and bibles,
And stop me from survival,
No longer do I contribute to genocide like I did,
I chop trees; I plant seeds for the kids,
But when this war comes, I’m flipping wigs,
Power to the people,
Fuck these evil pigs..’
Grimm hurls a tirade of anger at the world that has formed him. An almost abrasive rhythm intensifies the pain in his voice.
Heaven can wait- I can’t say for sure why, but feel this is worth mentioning: The staggered tune that bounces throughout this track evokes thoughts of The Untouchables, more specifically of Al Capone.
Manhattan Murder- For once the praise must go to someone other than King Grimm, as Mez outguns his comrade in this sinister voyage through the Manhattan underworld where death lurks in the shadows…
G.O.D (Government of deception)‘Im the bearer of light
Shining for my brethren,
Hell isn’t nothing but the shadow of heaven’..
A tribute to George Bush. It’s time to rebel…
Brand new and No one are soothing, positive anthems. While Twin Peaks transports the listener deep into the ether to be wowed by the fresh talent of Hasan Salaam and his Day by Day colleague, the aforementioned Mez.
Book of dave- I used to be one of MF Doom's most vociferous fans...that was until he sold himself out to the mainstream and started producing shit.

The track on the new Grimm album called 'the book of dave' painfully explains why I now hate Doom. Not only is he a sell out but he has done the dirty on the very people who helped make him who he used to be when he was a proper artist and not just some hollow prick who makes up words that rhyme(which he is now).

Some people may not like Grimm's sound or his message, but when he speaks he means every damn word he says. That cannot be said of Doom, who I now slanderously and grimly(hahahah) conclude is a money grabbing wench who got too carried away with the sound of his own voice...I can't even enjoy Operation Doomsday these days such is my anger at Mr Dumile. A truly shallow individual...I used to think it pretty cool that he hides behind that mask but now I think it is sadly accurate of his lack of identity and need to contrive an image.

''i met this kid, he seemed righteous, he represented knowledge, yeh him and his brother they was real smart, but then is brother died and he was taken in by a grand master, but from what I hear this kid Sambo was A SNake, A RAT, he stole shit, and ran away to another state....' '
(Sambo is Doom)

For many years I have placed Slug at the pinnacle of emcees, partly due to his intelligence and flow, but mainly due to the ease of relation between him and me as human beings. However, whereas Slug has now matured into essentially a more relaxed family man, my own Existence has continued to yearn for music busting at the seams with vitality, which is where Grimm lives, in terms of the aural landscape. It matters not that I haven’t lived on the streets, packed heat and lost friends to drug deals gone wrong, I can still feel Grimm in every word he utters. And that is why the veteran New Yorker has edged his way to the highly coveted position of King of the mic.

Seriously superb hip-hop.

I love to write. But when it comes to writing about Hunter S Thompson or MF Grimm I encounter problems. This is because they excel so much in their respective fields that I can’t help but feel inferior and concerned when trying to do their talents justice, in words…An impossible job perhaps. Still, at least I am spreading their good names thoroughly throughout the virtual world and hopefully, winning these two undoubted demi-gods more exposure and fans…

Animal rating 10/10

I don't have much respect for humanity as a species. Plenty of contempt, fear, dissapointment and rancour, but not much respect. There are a few exceptions to my scorn, few folk who warrant my awe and admiration, my attention and respect. Hunter S Thompson is one of these few, as is MF Grimm. Whereas Hunter encourages me to become a better writer and to live life with optimum zest, Grimm inspires me to be a better man.


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Ween, Chocolate and Cheese
1. Take Me Away
2. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
3. Freedom Of '76
4. I Can't Put My Finger On It
5. A Tear For Eddie
6. Roses Are Free
7. Baby Bitch
8. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
9. Drifter In The Dark
10. Voodoo Lady
11. Joppa Road
12. Candi
13. Buenas Tardes Amigo
14. The HIV Song
15. What Deaner Was Talkin' About
16. Don't Shit Where You Eat

This albums is arguably the finest moment is Ween's career. From souful sounding tracks like Freedom of '76, to psudo-folk sing-a-longs like "Don't Shit Where you Eat", the Ween loyalist will find this album never misses a beat.
The album starts with the song Take Me Away, this song is a shout out that is orchrastred throughout the band beautifully, this track begs to be screamed along to. Some of the highlights of this track include:

Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) is a chiller. With dark lyrics sung is a very scary way, the instrumentalists make this song almost a ballad of sorts but still is a very creepy sounding track.

Freedom of '76 sounds like Ween trying to be Stevie Wonder, the vocalist hits some falsetto but makes it sound good nonetheless. The groovy drum track moves this song along well and at the end you want to press repat to hear this one again.

I Can't Put My Finger on it makes you feel disoriented in a good way. It is a little "off" for lack of a better word. This track makes you want to move to the epitome of "crunchy" grooves. The use of latin style prucussion gives this track good momentum.

Mister Would You Please Help my Pony: Written while the founders of Ween were still toting composition books to school, it is a very juvinile song but the "squealing pony" played by electric guitar. We still need to know if it is his lung that is bothering that pony.

The HIV song: Start whistling the theme of this song and people will start to chime in the "lyrics" on cue. That said, this is just the goofiest song I've heard on this album about a very serious subject.

(Review by Casey)

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Immortal technique

Perhaps it was the name, or perhaps it was the fact that only the wu-tang disciples, hoodies covering their eyes, would tell me 'yeh, gotta feel Immortal'...whatever the reason, i steered clear of mr Technique for many years. And then finally, when a fellow stoner, with ears which enjoyed more than just wicked sounding commercially packaged and produced nastiness, gave me the revolutionary one album. I was engaged. Not just my body wishing to bounce to the tunes, but my mind was inspired to really fucking Listen. I have since found him immensely talented, wickedly spirited, consistent in his views, and a definite Enemy of enemies of of very few rappers who truly seem to be using the artform, to encourage, even demand social change for the better. Aggressive as hell, obviously intelligent, and despite his tendency to roar, he educates whilst making you bounce...listen and enjoy>

immortal technique - creation and destruction

immortal technique - dominant species

immortal technique - positive balance

immortal technique - beef and broccoli

immortal technique - dance with the devil

immortal technique - the prophecy

immortal technique - peruvian cocaine

immortal technique - harlem streets

immortal technique - industrial revolution
(one of my favourite tunes of all time...'I want fifty three million dollars for my collar stand
like the Bush administration gave to the Taliban')

immortal technique - 3rd world

immortal technique - open your eyes

immortal technique - payback

immortal technique - mistakes

immortal technique - parole

immortal technique - crimes of the heart

Few artists can maintain the quality presented above.


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