Save The Queen - Smoking Method.

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Save The Queen - Smoking Method.

Post by SaturdayStoner »

You will need...

One spliff.
A Pint Glass (A Quater Full)
A Rubber Band
A piece of Toilet Paper (3 Rizla's stuck together works aswell)
A 5p Coin
4+ Players

Setting up.

Place the toilet paper across the top of the glass, securing strongly with the rubber band.
Place the 5p directly in the centre of the toilet paper, making sure the Queens head is on the top.

How to play

Light the spliff as usuall.
For every two tokes of the spliff you take, you need to burn a hole in the toilet paper.
Then the next person, so on, and so forth.
The person who burns the hole which makes the 5p fall into the water has to drink the water, which also conatins ash and the paper, plus anything else that falls into the water.
Throwing up classes as disqualification.
As soon as the coin falls into the water, the person has ten seconds before the Queen drowns, and get's some sort of punisment, which varies on the players. (My usual punishment is to eat the roach of the spliff after being smoked.
This game is only for experianced Stoners, who have a strong stomach.


P.s A drink of water or cola is very useful, after swallowing the water.

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Re: Save The Queen - Smoking Method.

Post by Ikku »

Haha sounds fun, pretty terrible punishment though. I would just make it a drinking game and make them take a shot of non ashy liquor.
I personally recommend checking oneself for OCD at least once every 5 minutes.

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