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Post by Weedguru_RyaNayR » Fri May 11, 2007 5:16 pm

Jay212 wrote:
Gorecore wrote:Maybe they had one set up in a student lounge or a corner in the cafeteria. Or maybe they were giving one away as a prize draw for those students who had perfect attendance all year. Perhaps the teachers had one set up in their lounge/break area.

When I went to high school, teachers were allowed to smoke their cigarettes in the teachers lounge.
I was in school detention, there was 3 other people who only had to stay 30 minutes, while i was there foran hour. My teacher wanted to go for a cigarette but she wasn't supposed to leave while i was on detention, so we went out for a smoke. Was awkward but cool. just thought id share..
i once had a substitute detention teacher that would take the kids out and let us smoke weed and shit, behind the bleachers. actually that was in school suspension where you would stay there for a few days. that was pretty cool.

well it was cool untill some little bitch filed a harrasment report on the teacher and ratted me out for having weed on me... bitch probably got $400+ for that shit.

he was the coolest teacher ive known. i think he was a football player that had to sit out the season cause of a fucked up shoulder, and decided to chill with the stoners in ISS :lol:

lol, just remembered this...

we were out on a smoke break and there was this little uptight loner kid in ISS with us. im assuming he was in there for not turning in books or someshit. and we went out to smoke so the teacher had to bring the whole class including that one kid, and me and the rest of the stoners went to these bathrooms that are like way out there so no one ever goes there. we went to the girls bathroom and pulled out a couple joints and a pipe and lit that shit up, and basically the entire class was in there so that kid walks in and just kinda watches us smoke. we filled the room with smoke and we were in there a good 20 minutes.

so we clear outta the room cause we're all high as fuck, and just chill out on the bleachers, and that kid just randomly gets up and runs full speed at this little stack of those wall pads they use in basketball courts, and jumps onto them and bounces like 5 feet in the air, lays on the mats for a minute, then comes back and sits down like nothing happened. that whole time we're sitting there laughing our asses off. even the teacher was laughing his ass off :lol:

ah, good times man, good times....

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