Sick and hot flashes after smoking?

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Sick and hot flashes after smoking?

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I smoked with a coworker today, and it was half a joint but it was pretty fat. It was also extremely dank, as I live by Bloomfield Hills and everything is dank and reggies are no where to be found. Well I had a cig before it and a donut with chocolate, and that was it. (Side note: I get sick when I smoke flavored blunts or eat a honey bun when I'm high.) Had half a cig before we smoked, the last after. Had another cig while on my way home. Started to feel sick and had to stop at a Hollywood Market to go puke because I was gagging in the car. Finally got myself home, went straight to the bathroom. Threw up a little bit, gagged a lot. I kept getting hot flashes and I wanted to just pass out. Every time I tried to move, I felt sick again, Finally got on the floor and sat with my head over the toilet, and my ankle started to hurt really bad and I couldn't feel my foot. Got sick from that. Lied down on the floor after taking my clothes off, since I was sweating so bad and I kept getting hot flashes. Then I'd be really cold.
I looked at my ceiling and it's all white. But I saw black lines like a wood floor and they were moving around, it made me feel like I was on 2CB again (fake acid). But I kept needing to throw up and I finally got a little out. I THINK I passed out for a little, I'm not sure. I finally got myself downstairs to my room to nap. Still not feeling all that great.

Why did this happen to me? Is it because I smoked on an empty stomach and then had some cigs? Or what?
I am a female who is sexually active so that's another worry but it seems to be too coincidental for it to be morning sickness. This was at about 10:30, I woke up at 9.

Any help?

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Re: Sick and hot flashes after smoking?

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Sounds pretty nuts you probably shouldn't do those things in that order again.
I personally recommend checking oneself for OCD at least once every 5 minutes.

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