Stoner + Non-stoner Relationships

How's it going where you live on mother earth? Whats going on and why?

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Re: Stoner + Non-stoner Relationships

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a kiwi on the boards... have we had one before?

I think grl summed it up with the most articulation... and i would agree with her on it...

how old are you if you dont mind me asking?


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Re: Stoner + Non-stoner Relationships

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Grrrl wrote:Did she know you liked all this stuff before she got with you? Because if so, it is really unfair to try and mould you into something that suits her, in that case she is interested in your shell and not actually you. I hate how people try and force someone they supposedly care about to be something they are not. I have smoked weed everyday for a long long time and I always make sure to drill into potential partners heads the importance that mary jayne has in my life and that that is something that is never going to be subject to change. Despite this it has been a problem that has reared its head in quite a few of my relationships, and that was with people who smoked bud too. When it came down to it, I was stubborn and refused to be moulded into something/someone I am not. It is not a decision I regret, because I would rather be true to myself than fulfill others expectations. If it wasn't for that decision I would probably be filing for divorce about now and be left in even more debt. So really it boils down to how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice to keep your lady happy, because if there is even an inkling you will hold it against her later on there is no hope for a long lasting blissful relationship. Its your call but thats my tuppence worth. Good luck whatever you decide.
I can't put my reaction in better words than the above...

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