How's it going where you live on mother earth? Whats going on and why?

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Post by chiggy chong » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:00 pm

why dose a few votes give the few of us who are supposed to be are betters the right to tell us what we can and cant do, and why are they better than us i the first place, education,wealth,class. just look at proibition and censorship. The vidoe censorship of the 1980's is one of the best eamples of the rest of society being denied some of the most thought provoking and contriversail movies of all time being screened and aloud to be independenntly assesed by the viewer. i am a big fan of these movies and beleave the way i which they were dealt with was very extreme and one sided. I also beleave that these so called VIDEO NASTIES being denied to the public held back the trasition from a more uptight taboo society to a more accecpting one.

over the next few weeks i shall be posting in the movies section alot of info and news on the video nasties and horror movie releases as this particular area seems to be popuular with posters but not redily explored.


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