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For any of you who cares to sign a petition for the legalisation of marijuana ... 1122916240
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totally did it. I sure hope they get all the signatures needed... it would be fuckin awesome to legalize mary j

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Well I signed, but I don't know how much a 15 year old Canadian can do.

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Eddy Rhodes Writes:

Many people, especially government officials, propagate the belief that marijuana is a gateway drug; it leads to use of harder drugs. The fact is that 83% of marijuana users do not graduate to hard drugs. However, these people will tell you that 95% of cocaine users used marijuana before they used cocaine. They are wrong. Marijuana is used by 99.8% of cocaine users. But let me tell you something else. Milk was used by 100% of cocaine users before they started snorting coke or crack. Milk is the true gateway drug, and it should be made illegal. Unlike marijuana, which is not addictive, milk is highly addictive to a certain segment of the society; that segment under 6 months of age. Do you know what happens if you take milk away from a milk-addicted baby? The withdrawal symptoms are excruciating. The baby gets terrible stomach pains and screams uncontrollably. It is terrible to hear. Eventually if deprived of the milk, the baby gets sick and dies. There is nothing else known that is this addictive. If we are going to stamp out hard drugs, we must stamp out milk first. Milk should be made illegal. If a woman gives her baby milk, she should have her breasts removed. Some of you bleeding hearts may say that without milk many babies will die. Probably so, but isn't this preferable to the disease of addiction that inflicts and undermines our society?

This was written by someone who remained annonymous:

Cannabis is a versatile plant, which has never been directly responsible for a single death. It is an excellent natural alternative to anti-nausea medicine and antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills. There are few negative side effects, and from case studies I have observed, a tolerance to the detrimental effects of marijuana on short-term memory can be formed with regular use. It is a great alternative to alcohol, and legalizing marijuana makes other wise goods kids significantly less likely to meet drug dealers that act as the true "gateway" to the world of hard drugs. While some claim that marijuana use leads to some manifestation of psychosis, evidence to the contrary shows that many people who suffer from what might be labeled manic-depression, bipolar disorder, clinical depression or schizophrenia and use cannabis/hemp buds to regulate their consciousness. The decriminalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis use would boost our economy in many ways. A new industry filled with new job opportunities, from farmers to advertisers to specialty stores and "coffee shops." The exact figure on government spending on the "drug way" is shocking given the state of our economy, with the extreme majority of the funds going toward marijuana arrests. Cannabis, the same plant which surgeon general admit has accounted for 0 deaths in the recorded history of time, is considered such an extreme danger to society that billions of dollars are invested in shutting down everyone from growers to dealers to teenagers to sick grannies with glaucoma or AIDS patients trying to fight nausea with the phenomena known in the vernacular as "the munchies." All of these groups fall prey to the government, and tax dollars waste away incarcerated this motley crew of marijuana users and peddlers. Although I understand that the Bible belt does not support the use of illicit drugs, it is the often-underrepresented youth who would fuel the huge economic wave of spending on marijuana smoking materials and accessories if it were to be decriminalized to the point of being a regulated government problem. If cannabis was regulated, farmers could grow it for intense profits. Gone would be the chance of getting PCP or some other unpleasant surprise sprinkled on your bag from an unreliable dealer. The price would greatly decrease due to mass production. There would be a cheap, mind-altering drug available. There would be no need for otherwise innocent college kids to be exposed to the black market. There would be no need for the poverty stricken to steal or participate in other criminal behavior in order to fund their pursuit of happiness. It is an issue of economics, of ethics, and most importantly, of liberty, the foundation of our nation.

IMO says it all.

EDIT: Just read this: * Signatures: 5,192
* Goal: 10,000
* Deadline: 8-5-2002
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i signed it, and sent like 15 of my friends the link. i know they will all sign it.
This potition probably won't make a differance, but i'm all for anything that has even the slightest chance of leading to legalizing the green :wink:
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