weed or alchohol?

How's it going where you live on mother earth? Whats going on and why?

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Post by kareuh »

no doubt about it,
weed is better.

i only drink occasionally; but when i do..


or crown. :]

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Post by MellowFourTwenty »

drinking and smoking go hand in hand for me.
Lets get to the point and roll another joint.

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Post by Darth Inhaler »

Yeah...alcohol and weed are like...beavis and butthead...
One of them alone lowers your intelligence greatly, but when they are together...they put you in such a melodramatic stupor, you just can't help but do the craziest shit known to man.

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Re: weed or alchohol?

Post by hotpeadiam »

kinglucifer2000 wrote:weed or alchohol?the answer is weed of course.alchohol is a man made depressant.alchohol can make u want to kill or rape someone and even succeed.alchohol makes the violent man(not always tho).weed makes u want to stay in ur world and be friendly to others.and even adventure(slightly exadurated).but really weed calms u and enhances sight hearing and taste.its less expensive and feels so much better.ask urself , depressant or happy place?
i would have to say that when im completly smashed, it's way funner then being stoned. but i can't stand the nest morning (somtimes even the rest of the day) and it really sucks when you puke your guts out every where to. So even though the intoxication from alchohol itself can be much more fun the weed... i would still say i like weed best.

it makes you much happier and there are no after effects other then the burn out. which decreases after smoking pot more anyways. Plus the only way to puke your guts out from weed is either you smoked so much that it was actually a waste because you past that point where you kinda just stop getting stoned and you just maintane it, or you where feeling kinda sick before you got high.

so for the most part pot is better than alchohol.
I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective jugment in all human affairs
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Post by Shibby »

I enjoy the herb more, mainly because when I drink I tend to get sick the next morning, or the night of.

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Post by stoner90210 »

smokeydabear wrote:I for one love weed and alcohol i couldnt even pick one or the other there is different times and different places to use both. like at school i love getting baked inbetween periods and going back to class, but as soon as the weekend rolls around who wants to sit around and smoke bud all night. going out and getting drunk off your ass is so much fun. although i will admit i have had way more run-ins with the law while being drunk. alcohol is a powerful thing, it brings out the true animal in you, so you have to remember to be carefull with it

...haha. that was exactly what i would have said. thank you for saying it for me :P

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The Duke of Dope
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Post by blazedsubaru »

I have an extensive family history of alcoholism, so frankly drinking alcohol is more scary than doing cocaine to me. I do it every once in a while, and in moderation. I have even had small conversations with my dad about marijuana use versus alcohol use and he told me he would feel a lot more comfortable with me smoking weed than drinking alcohol. I couldn't agree more with him. So for the question, weed is way better than alcohol. For one thing, alcohol makes me sad. It makes me think of my ex-girlfriend a lot, but when I'm smoking, I'm actually with her a lot of the time which is really cool.
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Post by Jay212 »

I have fun drinking. I just chill after smoking a cannon.

if i had my way id get drunk more than i get high but i dont wana die too early so i smoke daily and drink occasionally.
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weed or alchohol

Post by dks78stoner »

always weed out of the 5 times ive been drunk ive gotten caught twice n my best friend ended up fingering the girl i was gonna ask out with weed ive never gotten caught n i have fun everytime

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Post by weedguru+chrisisonfire »

WEED over ALCOHOL hands down.


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Post by Dakine »

i drink far more than i smoke weed. i should majorly take things in moderation, i've started drinking almost daily, and smoking cigs heavily. but only toking two or three times a week.

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Post by AbbyRoad »

weed you are so good to me.

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Post by buttermilk »

I drink more than I toke up. I drink about four to five days a week but toke up maybe two to three times every two weeks...

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Post by swanee89 »

both, always in moderation :roll: (like those tanqueray commercials)
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