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Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:22 am
by weedguru_animal
It has been many moons indeed, since I last found myself close to fully focused on anything other than women, vodka, my beloved hellhound, motorcycles and finding intensity in anything which doesn't kill me. And now, I feel it is the Right time to return to my roots. Hence my re-appearance here at WG.

I have been...

loving and crying my way through a lengthy relationship, traveling around North Africa, Europe, SE Asia and more recently the beautiful forest of Waitakere in New Zealand, staying at my elfin sister's 'artist retreat' deep within the gorgeous confines of trees and lakes and coastline and felines and fellow fiends...Still working at the local government here in madrid as an Information Management Officer, where I continue to prance upon a gossamer line of working hard and efficiently enough to make it hard to sack me and revealing far too much of myself at every juncture to make it hard to avoid sacking me.

With my former two wheeled steed stolen late last year I now ride a devil beast of a 07 R6...

I am of course still writing. Managed the first 10000 words of perhaps my first machete swipe in the crowd of a novella whilst on holiday recently. I have maintained my vigorous gauntlet on the pulse of global affairs and vomited my feelings towards them regularly, much of which I will add to the suitable forums on here in the near future.

My amorous adventures now seem like a graveyard, and I simply tend to the flowers, keep them fresh.

Other than which, I am mainly drunk or stoned in the evenings, banging out vicious music on these very keys, floating in the shallows of the nearby Williamstown beach when the nearest and dearest star decides its for the best, and playing the haphazard paternal role to my beloved Mr Fang...


So what of you?

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:45 am
by WeedGuru_Flow
Let's see here.

Spent nearly five years working as an IT-recruiter, got bored with that and didn't really get any satisfaction from it,so I enrolled into a Business Analysis course which is due to end this week.

After that : thinking of enrolling in an online unversity to get a degree in management, travel the world while i do that (it's modular so allows me to kinda do it on my own time) .

I've been with my current girlfriend for a year and a couple of months now, she has a thirst for the unknown as well so we are looking into what is required to get a work/travel visa for antartica as I have family there.

Other than that, I matured a tiny little bit, I'm more capable of diplomacy in situations that would have had me in a rage (think back to our lovely discussions on America on here :p ) and am coming to the conclusion that in these modern times there is no use in planning ahead as it looks like we'll all be working until we drop dead anyway.

So that's why I'm still working on music production, two or three of my tracks were used in some obscure unknown low-reach online radio but hey, they came to me and I didn't have to push it so it shows my skills are improving.

Made some friends, lost some friends, try keeping away from facebook as that place is generally either depressing or pissing me off.

Still an unguided missile though,still not sure where I am going with this life of mine, but that's the wonderful thing about it isn't it?

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:57 pm
by Grrrl
Behind a rock, left of the moon and a little north of hell. These last however many years life has been an ocean, I've been engulfed in tidal waves, dragged under by riptides, and torn apart by sharks, but for now I just bob along aimlessly wherever the tide takes me, in the hope one day, I might wash up on more favourable shores.

I still have no love for my country, or more specifically my fellow countrymen on a whole. There are a few scattered souls here and there, but scarcely enough to make living here tolerable in the long term. My ways of thinking appear to be alien concepts to most I encounter here. I doubt that would be much different just because my geographical location might alter but at least I can be in more pleasing climates and surroundings. My masterplan is also unfolding slowly but surely, and eventually the shackles that bind me to this wretched hell hole will be released. I've gone and got myself an Art degree- stage one complete, I work with kids- stage two complete. Next I'm hopefully doing a pgce (well I've applied, we'll see how that goes soon enough, I dont wanna count my chickens just yet) and I'm teaching myself spanish, in the hopes of opening more potential escape routes further down the line. It's all just taking longer than planned and I'm pretty inpatient :(

My music taste is still impeccable :P Seen a few decent gigs over the last year or so, Sage Francis, Nick Olivieri,the Slackers, Jaya the Cat, Sound of Rum, and a shit load of punk bands. Still a few I need to tick off the bucket list yet though.

My life pretty much revolves around a Bunny Emperor called Toshiro, a furry dictator who is hellbent on world domination. He rules our home with an iron paw, but he is such a majestic, spirited, noble little creature, it's hard not to submit to his whims. This is him below living the high life in our old gaff. He's a little more tubby than that nowadays but any attempts to put him on a diet have resulted in sleep deprived nights due to 4am angry rabbit stomping until he has ensured his demands are met to his satisfaction.


I have left my artist mark on a variety of European cities the last few years through the medium of street art, but recently my artwork has been sidelined to work on a fantasy novel I've been working on, which is still very much in very early, infantile stages of development. I just tend to get absorbed in all the research side of things. It's more something to occupy and entertain myself than a serious project. I dont want my mind to decline too quickly as I age so I'm always trying to keep it as active as possible. Particularly cos I read somewhere that when women give birth they lose a % of their iq post childbirth, which although it aint on the cards for me right now, there's always a small possibility it could occur way off in the future one day.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell :)

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:41 am
by weedguru_animal
Wicked to see you both surface from the dark depths. I have been in sporadic but always vibrant contact with Nick...and who knows, maybe we will collide in madrid in the near or long term future?

Which also can be said of del dearest! Another who has always seemed eager to aim south 12000 miles and hit launch.

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:45 pm
by Eugene
I've been hiding behind my wife.

Forreal tho bought a house and doin the family thing. Wife, two dogs, cat. Spend most of my time and money on my car (it's a bit of a monster ;). Really nothing worth while to speak of...I'm a worker drone for now.

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:25 am
by weedguru_animal
wicked to find you returning to the fold, comrade...and have enjoyed your facebook posts. You love your hounds and your Woman. Which I can relate to hugely. Although presently lack the Woman, or am estranged from the Woman, and stopping myself engaging the other females who wish to own me in prurient I persist in the shadows, alongside Mr Fang.

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:42 am
by Roms47159
Growing up in Glasgow has given me a strange outlook on life.
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Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:27 am
by weedguru_animal
Welcome to the boards Roms! In what was is your outlook strange?

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:17 am
by Weedguru Higher
I've been hiding behind my girlfriend, my kids and my job. It keeps a guy real busy.

I'm working in automobile mechanics, managing to make a pretty good living. Still a daily this is all a lie, but no longer growing.

My daughter is 17 and will be graduating from high school (grade 11 in Canada) in June and has plans to attend college and study health sciences. She would like to pursue a career as a pediatric oncology nurse or a pharmacist. She spent 7 weeks in Germany this past summer on an exchange trip. She has big plans to continue travelling the world later on. She is an avid rugby player.Recently she had an opportunity to participate in a rugby tournament in New York City. She is playing on a provincial level and has a shot at attending the Canadian Championships in Vancouver in 2016! She also enjoys snowboarding, but so far this year we don't have any snow She has been working part time at a local fast food restaurant for over a year...she is saving up so she can buy a car in the spring.

My son is almost 15 and is in grade 9. His main interest is computers and anything tech related. He very much enjoys gaming...his all time favorite game is Minecraft, but also enjoys Grand Theft Auto and flight simulation games. He excels in computer sciences at school. A real tech savy guy! Right now he is also really into flying drones...gotta admit those things are pretty cool. He's saving up his money to get a big one with a camera. He also enjoys Nascar racing, target shooting with his .177 air rifle rifle, and longboarding. During the summer he volunteers at a local summer camp. After completing high school he would like to enroll in a police academy to become a man of the law!

As some of you may remember about 5 or 6 years ago I was really worried about dealing with potential drug/alcohol related issues with my kids. I had a hard time figuring out how to deal with it. They both know I smoke. Turns out, I don't even need to intervene. My son has shown absolutely zero interest whatsoever in trying drugs or alcohol up to this point. He has friends that smoke weed, but he has no problem saying no. He thinks it's just plain retarded. My daughter came to me when she was about 14 and said she wanted to experiment with it. She smoked it a couple times with friends, and since has not touched it in well over a year. She said she didn't like the effect. She does however enjoy an occasional good party, with good friends, with a bit of booze, but is a very moderate and responsable drinker. She's looking forward to her next big party on prom night..haha.

I can't believe how fast time has gone by....seems like they were in diapers just yesterday. In reality though, my daughter is getting her drivers license next month, and my son's adam's apple is growing!

A man couldn't be any more proud than I am :)

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:09 am
by weedguru_animal
Wicked update, Higher! I am happy to learn of your familial joy. And glad to still have you in sporadic attendance.

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:11 am
by Weedguru Higher
weedguru_animal wrote:
Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:09 am
Wicked update, Higher! I am happy to learn of your familial joy. And glad to still have you in sporadic attendance.
Yep, sporadic maybe, but still present nonetheless....

A follow up in regards to this last post that you just read....My daughter graduated with a high school diploma in June 2016. Yay!! Absolutely the best possible gift that could have been given to a guy like me. What I wanted most for her, and seriously hoped for, and wished for her was exactly that! I dropped out of high school back in the 90's and have regretted this ever seriously. At certain times in her teenage life, I was scared to death that she would make the same horrible errors that I made. Many years of worry( and frankly pure terror) throughout her teenage years that she would make the same mistakes as me, But thank god, somehow, somewhere along the line she did the exact opposite. She made the right decisions and right choices. My nightmare, my fear, my utter terrible, horrible gut wrenching feeling all these years was that she would become a mirror image of me. But you know what? Somewhere along the lines, I emphasized the fact so strongly that I DID NOT want her to become me. I needed better for my kid, she needed better. I'm far from good role model for my kids. At the end I didn't become a demonic horror, in all reality. I went through hell as a teenager. So terrible, so regrettable that I had to do my best so this wouldn't happen to my daughter, nor my son. Well you know what? All my hopes, all my efforts paid off in the end. I have 2 fuckin good kids now. Whatever I did, whatever I taught them was spot on. I did it. I wasn't wrong, I was right.I became a successful father in the end. It's a damn priceless feeling...It took a long time, ,many years to realize that I was actually on a successful road concerning their upbringing. I truly believe that my mistakes, my screw ups actually ended up helping my kids, saving my kids from a life of shit. I believe that whatever I did in life actually turned out to be a life saver in certain ways for my kids.

So yeah people, if you have kids or want kids don't underestimate what you can do, how your pasts can benefit your children. Let them know who you were. and who you have become...the two things are totally different things eh. Plainly put, it's night and day. If you want it, you can give it to them. The best teaching material is personal experience. That is what they need. That is what they want. No textbook teaches this, however life experiences do. I am living proof of that. My kids are living proof of this.

I speak more of my daughter, as she lives with me. My son is with his father. He's has a rough road for certain reasons. But, he's doing ok too. Dropped out of high school in his grade 10 year a few months ago. He's a strong bugger though. School has been a nightmare for him for several years. Took a while to get him to talk, and tell me the truth. Mainly he's been dealing with bullies for several years. Much like what I went through....I let him be for a few weeks and then asked him if he realized how important a diploma was there days. He said yes, I know. I'm not quitting permanently but I can't go to this high school anymore. (There's only 1 english high school in my very german city in Quebec) I hate it, I can't deal with it, can't do this anymore. Like my daughter, verbally and orally he is fluently billingual. However, suppose he transfers to a german school, it's pretty much a guaranteed failure. Math, science, history is very, very different. Long division in german is basically chinese to us english educated people. I told him, you know I understand what you are saying, but do you have an answer to my next question? What are you going to do then? He says ya, I know what I'm going to do. I've already failed my level 4, so in September I'm signing up at the adult education school. I'm getting my diploma there. The 2 years he is now lacking can be completed in as little as 1 year. Wow, little bugger, he figured this out on his own. Freaking surprised me, dumbfounded me even. Dropping out is not an option for him. Wow, he must have an angel guiding him...

Neither of my kids do drugs or drink either....pretty freaking awesome kids. Guardian angel maybe? Like wtf...Someone, something, is looking after them....though I'm not exactly a believer it seems as if both kids have been assigned something special like that...there seems to be a certain unexplained presence....seems like both might be accompanied by a surreal presence. Kinda scary, yet kinda not....

Re: Where have you been hiding???

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:20 pm
by tebulot
Hey peeps!

What have I been up to... Well, I did a spell in the army for 6+ years as a Info Sys Tech, basically a network administrator with a rifle. Spent time in nearly every city in antartica except Perth.

Pretty interesting experience all round, spent some time in Afghanistan, mainly spent playing guitar hero in the server room. Ended up leaving right about the time I was planning on doing so, but as a medical discharge. Ended up finding out I drew the short stick and actually have MS. Although as far as it is, it's pretty damn benign, barring short spikes of unpleasantness. Although, that having happened, coupled with my overseas service, netted me a pretty nice military pension and now I get paid to study. Best of a garbage situation, all things told.

So now I've finished up a diploma as a Laboratory technician, and I'm looking at getting myself work in an infectious disease lab or a defence contracted ballistics testing lab.

Bought a bike too, A Kawaka Vulcan S, and go on nice trips around the country with a swag on the back, and go live like a hobo on the road, all while drawing a consistent income.

Go to a lot of bush doofs, psytrance parties out in the middle of nowhere. I feel like the drifter lifestyle has been calling me quite aggressively.

Other than that, I spend my time writing, collecting records, talking to my birds, talking to other birds, the occasional psychedelic experience, melting away to blissful triphop, distilling my own rum, playing 40k, and amassing and reading a veritable pile of books that could crush me dozens of times over.

Grew a beard, shaved my head.

And I have the ink cravings something fierce, slowly working on covering my body in creepycool alchemical cultist artwork. Of course I started with the hands.

Really glad to hear you guys are kicking around still and doing well. This place will always hold a special place in my heart :)